Finding the Best Dasa in the Chart

Politics / Friday, February 22nd, 2019

is a major discovery for an astrologer.  It keeps you from being led down the garden path. So obviously great to have an objective way to find the right timing cycle.

Recently jyotish guru Pt. Sanjay Rath explained a discovery of how to do this.[i]

It is a technique that comes from the reality that the planets are part of an alchemy of timing and substance-creation, and have a congruence like that of strands of DNA but even more meta….

Anyway, the brass tacks are like so:  for a male horoscope, the correct dasa timing cycle will align with the birth of all his progeny such that each time a child is born, the antardasa planet of the father will match up with the weekday lord in the horoscope of the newborn.  This will work even if children are born 20 years or more apart.  Somehow the father’s timing cycle will come around so that the second-tier time window is the planet again that matches the baby’s weekday of birth.

That’s an amazing bit of chemistry.  It works because the weekday lord is the carrier of agni or fire energy in a chart.  Agni is the spark of light that brings life into the atman or soul.  It comes from the father who is the one with the X chromosome.  The mother gives other stuff, which is left to study later.  The life-fire in a timing cycle comes from Sun as the mahadasa significator, and Moon as the antardasa, or smaller time window, significator.  Moon is the blood giver.  The spark of agni goes from the father through the blood to the son or daughter.

So here’s an example.  And not to make it political but I can’t help applying the technique to the chart of Mr. Don Trump, since for so long contemplating his horoscope has mystified me as to what could show the mounting piles of Pinocchios and heaps of scandals and legal conundra that follow him day after day.  What is an astrologer to say when people ask what, when, how, where….  The regular Vimsottari dasa offers few clues, so maybe there is another dasa.

To look ahead with the help of planets, you need the right dasa for the chart.

Enter this great technique.

So, to apply it you first line up the dates and weekdays of the births of all known progeny for the chart native.  Then you have to try all eligible dasas for the father’s chart to find which dasa accounts for each and every birth.  Sometimes you have to try 3 or 4 timing schemes to get the one that fits every instance.

For Mr. Don Trump, the children’s dates and weekdays are:

Don Jr., 12-31-1977 weekday lord is Saturn

Ivanka, 10-31-1981 weekday lord is Venus

Eric, 1-6-1984, weekday lord is Venus

Tiffany, 10-13-1993, weekday lord is Mercury

Barron, 3-20-2006, weekday lord is Moon

Now we go through the two or three possible dasas for Mr. Don Trump’s chart to see which one has antardasas that match all these planets at these exact times.

There is only one scheme that works!  This is a 116 year cycle called Shodasottari (116) Conditional Dasa, which is related to sunspot cycles.

Here is the rule for Shodasottari Dasa:

Krsna Paksha is the waning half of the Moon cycle and Sukla Paksha is the waxing half of the Moon cycle.

The rules for interpretation and lengths of each planet’s term are given above.  

The Governor of the dasa is Rahu, and Rahu is the one planet of the navagrahas that has no individual period in this conditional dasa. Rahu stands aside, as it were, effaced and hidden while all the other grahas act in response to its concealed influence.  

Mr. Don Trump was born at the end of Sukla Paksha, a couple of hours before Full Moon, with the Ascendant in the first half of an odd sign, which is the Solar Hora.

His dasas and antardasas in the Shodsottari are as shown above.

Note the times that match the birth of children:

Don Jr., 12-31-1977 weekday lord is Saturn.  Mr. Don Trump’s dasa was Moon/Moon.  This at first glance may seem to deviate from the rule that the antardasa must match the child’s day lord, but it does not. Ketu is conjoined Moon in the chart. Ketu is the end of the Rahu-Ketu axis. In Shodsottari, Rahu does not get any years, since it is the governor, standing above and apart.  The only nodal years are taken by Ketu.  Further, there is a basic rule of Parasara, “Sanivad Rahu,” meaning that Rahu is like Saturn.  So Saturday is the daylord corresponding to Rahu, and in Shodsottari, this missing Rahu can manifest through Ketu, and the first child’s daylord thus can be Saturday.  It’s given by the crucial Moon-Ketu combination in Mr. Don Trump’s chart, which is the end of his Full Moon eclipse.

Ivanka, 10-31-1981 weekday lord is Venus.  Mr. Don Trump’s dasa was Moon/Venus.

Eric, 1-6-1984, weekday lord is Venus.  Mr. Don Trump’s dasa was still Moon/Venus.

Tiffany, 10-13-1993, weekday lord is Mercury.  Mr. Don Trump’s dasa was Mercury/Mercury.

Barron, 3-20-2006, weekday lord is Moon.  Mr. Don’s Trump’s dasa was Mercury/Ketu.  This is a neat finale to the cycle of the children, as the Moon-Ketu combination in the father’s chart gave the last child a daylord Moon which is conjunct Ketu, while the first child had the daylord Saturn which is the facsimile of Rahu which is on the axis with Ketu.

The conclusion has to be that Shodsottari not Vimshottari is the best timing cycle to use in looking at the chart of Mr. Don Trump.  This does allow us to speculate anew about the reign of the Trump administration.


Above is the nakshatra scheme for Shodsottari, showing which planets rule which nakshatras in this conditional dasa.

From this we can find an astrological explanation for the many charges of corruption hanging over this administration from the beginning and earlier.    Shodsottari dasa is dominated by Rahu.  Among the planets, Rahu is the significator of scandal.  Its modus operandi is to divide, delude and deceive.  Rahu is the significator for diplomats, for a mild example, who know how to gain benefits by dipping low on the mat.  In this Shodsottari dasa, Rahu is off to the side and yet Rahu is controlling everyone.  Rahu is considered to be a demon with 10 heads who every time he is smashed or accused rises again with re-doubled lies and fury.   Rahu has the ability to dissolve and shade over the light of truth on a widely pervasive space.  Rahu also, with Ketu, rules barriers, walls, so even the signature fixation of this leader is a manifestation of the Rahu energy for Shodsottari dasa.

The perfect storm for Rahu that exists in this horoscope is also shown by the fact that fully five of the nine grahas are in nakshatras ruled by Jupiter, as seen in the table above.  Moon, Ketu, Saturn, Venus and Mars all have Jupiter as their nakshatra lord giving them the “ability to hold heat as Agni in the third eye.” Rahu loves it and handles it.

So when will this hurricane of Rahu be alleviated and the power of truth come back in force?

Mr. Don Trump’s natal Rahu is in Taurus with Sun; Taurus is the sign affecting world finance.  Shodsottari dasa is all about deals and trade; the craving of Rahu is to import—it is all open mouth–, which when exaggerated can vacuum in huge wealth. Accepting lavish emoluments is a matter of course.  The positive that Trump supporters hide under is this stuffing in of wealth.  There can be benefits and opportunities to rebalance trade relations around the world through being disrupted and rebuilt.   But wealth too is cyclical.  When the long-running bull market meets its inevitable inflection point, the storm trajectory will turn inward instead of outward.

Here is a look at the levels of dasa/antardasa/pratyantar dasa in Shodsottari for Mr. Don Trump.  He has now entered Saturn antardasa which is critical for power change as it is the dasa that is like a proxy for Rahu.

Note that in transit, Rahu is about to shift from Cancer sign to Gemini.  This will change the ground force of the planet.  A new cycle will begin with Rahu in Gemini over the next 1.5 years.  On March 7, Rahu shifts into Gemini.   Around this time, the Mueller report should be delivered to the Attorney General.   Around May 7, Rahu transits backward into a new navamsa sign that increases resistance to the natal steamroller.  By June, the Shodsottari dasa will be Ve/Sat/Moon and some mean challenges are developing with Mars-Rahu in Gemini and Saturn-Ketu in Sagittarius.  It will be a fascinating play to observe.


[i]“The Magic of Panchang” 2-17-19 by Pt. Sanjay Rath on krschannel at

[ii]Vimsottari and Udu Dasas, by Pt. Sanjay Rath, Sagar, 2002