Music of the Eclipses and Events in the Life….. and a study of Trump’s timeline

Current Thoughts / Saturday, September 8th, 2018

“These late eclipses in the Sun and Moon portend no good to us.”

King Lear,  Act 1, scene 2



The Sun and Moon are the great watch hands of the solar system.  Their sweeping cycles of New Moons and Full Moons punctuated by Eclipses have hugely long as well as very brief recurrences.  The Vedas compute vast swathes of time.   Astronomers have identified the Saros recurring cycles of Eclipses, which  can span 1300 years or more.  The Nakshatra based Saptaṛśi cycle currently running began in the year -11,741.  The important thing to realize is that all these measurements of time are unified from the human viewpoint and interrelate down to moments shorter than the blink of an eye.

The human gestation period is a key metronomic marker of the passage of events in our lives.  In the 900’s Kalyana Varma in Saravali, and much earlier the great rṣi Parasara have explained how to calculate back from a birth chart to find the moment of conception and then again when the new being is implanted in the mother’s womb.  Jaimini has given many sutras deeply interpreting the meaning of the Ādhana chart, that horoscope for the implanting of the embryo.  Saravaligives the mathematics relating the position of the Moon and the ascendant degree at the conception time to the Moon at birth nine months later.  Since Jaimini has wrapped these findings in sacred sutras, we know they are applicable not just to pregnancy timing but to all human and other beings’ affairs.  This repetitious return of the Moon to relevant solar degrees can be referred to as the lunar gestation cycle.[i]

In brief, the lunar gestation pattern is such that 9 months after any given event/time, Moon will come to the same zodiacal degree, one kendra further from Sun. These are easy to track when tied to the four phases of the Moon.  That is, if event X happens at a New Moon, 9 months later there will be a First Quarter Moon at almost the exact degree of X; again 9 months later, there will be a Full Moon at the degree of X; and finally 9 months later there will be a Third Quarter Moon at the degree of X.

Astrologers have called this series a Moon Phase Family; it takes about 2.25 years to fully play out from any event at any time.  The event at the New Moon has a vibration of inception, planting a seed. The event at the First Quarter has a mood of anxiety and vacillation as the new sprout appears.  The event at the Full Moon reveals the fruition of the passion that went into the initial urge of the New Moon.  Then at the Third Quarter phase nine months later there is the good result of the entire cycle’s intentions; rewards or punishments are handed out.

This article will cover an example of the human/lunar gestation cycle as well as of one other important Eclipse cycle.  The Metonic cycle or Enneadecaeteris (Ancient Greek: ἐννεακαιδεκαετηρίς, “nineteen years”) is a period of very close to 19 years that is almost exactly a common multiple of the solar year and the synodic (lunar) month.  Every 19 years the degree of the Moon repeats exactly on the same date and in the same sign and in the same relationship to the Sun’s position.  These returns will happen precisely for about 75 to 90 years, about a human life span, covering four New Moon solar Eclipses.  Then a new set will begin that will have drifted ahead just a few degrees and will form the next series of four tightly bound New Moon solar Eclipses.  To make the pattern even more of a clinch, halfway between each 19 year solar Eclipse return, at 9.5 years, a Full Moon lunar Eclipse will occur at the same spot in the zodiac.

When a person is born in one Metonic (named for the Greek astronomer Meton, who studied the math of these) group, say halfway through, and lives on into the start of the next Metonic group, say when he is 40, there is a change in orientation as he responds to the new vibration of the luminaries consorting at a different place with a new intention.  All Eclipses have profound impact on current events and on each individual, and studying the Eclipses that are part of these larger patterns reveals much more about how events are woven together, and even allows[ii]us to foresee when the next big learning and changes are coming.   The New Moon solar Eclipse just preceding birth, while a person is still in the womb, carries perhaps the most powerful formative impact.  To look at that prenatal Eclipse and then track its recurrence in the Metonic cycle, and also in the 40-week Lunar Gestation Cycle, allows one to pick out the milestone events of a person’s journey.




So to repeat, in the Metonic cycle the New Moon solar Eclipses return to the same degree every 19 years, with Full Moon lunar Eclipses on the same degree 9.5 years later.

Meanwhile, in the Lunar Gestation Cycle, the Moon returns to the same degree every 40 weeks, in a progression of New Moon, First Quarter Moon, Full Moon, and Third Quarter Moon, that takes two years and three months to complete.  A story has its beginning, middle, climax and epilogue through these four locked phases.  This Gestation cycle is like a fractal within the Metonic cyle.

Together, the two give a solid timing framework, while within those Eclipse and Gestation phase occurrences, various other shorter Moon phases and solar returns provide the lighter notes and accents to the strings and percussion of the major cycles.

Donald Trump, born at a Full Moon lunar Eclipse, is currently the most spotlit individual on earth, befitting the expanded exposure of a Full Moon.   As the days go by, less and less is hidden about his actions and character leading up to his capture of the US Presidency, and while we can’t predict the form the denouement of his term will take, we can at least predict when the next significant events should occur.

Donald Trump’s Prenatal Eclipse on May 30 1946 was at Taurus 15:43.  This degree therefore is significant for all future events of life.  The Prenatal Eclipse is a factor that binds people born in the same six month period from one solar Eclipse to the next, explaining, for instance, the magnetic pull of class reunions:  we experience the chord of sympathy with our age mates.  We all were imprinted in the womb by the same urge of the luminaries.   This Prenatal eclipse for Trump is in the nakshatra Rohini, the most toploftical, self-absorbed, finicky princess-like, arrogant of all the lunar mansions, the place where the besotted Moon god spends all the nights allotted to the 26 other lunar wives, until he is cursed to suffer from consumption and forever wax and wane.  Taken allegorically, the Moon god is the public, the world sunk into gullibility, needing a wax.

It also is worth noting which node the Eclipse contacts.  Eclipses that happen at Rahu, the North Node, are initiating, while Eclipses conjunct Ketu, the South Node, are completing and releasing.  Trump’s Prenatal Eclipse (PNE) was at Rahu, so the majority of his years were spent expanding and exploring this Rohini potential.

When Trump was 65, he moved out of the Metonic cycle series from his birth into the next Metonic cycle with the New Moon solar Eclipse (NME) of June 1 2011 at 17 Taurus.  This Eclipse kicking off his new Metonic series was on Ketu, (although still in Rohini nakshatra), meaning a mandate to complete, release, and get liberated from all the karmas was taking over.  Two weeks before this Eclipse, Trump, who had been needling Obama for months about his birth certificate, announced he would not run for the presidency. This was a Ketuvian gesture as the new Metonic energy came in, and it would flip.  Of course, he would run for the presidency.  Being a Metonic cycle initiated by a New Moon on Ketu, the events leading to the first Metonic Full Moon would be full of surprise, reversals, and upending of the normal and right order of things.

The Full Moon Eclipse completing this NME of 2011 comes on November 30 2020, 9.5 years later, bookending Trump’s trajectory at the 2020 presidential election.

In the meantime, much is unraveling!

During the first Lunar Gestation cycle within the new Metonic cycle, from June 2011 to August 2013, Trump formed an exploratory committee for his presidential run while dropping the Republican party, testing out being an Independent, then returning to the GOP.  This was typical vacillation as a cycle gets underway.

When Trump formally entered the race on June 16, 2015, that very day was a New Moon at Gemini 1.  This was not part of his Metonic series or the related Gestation families, but it was a very significant day in the general movement of Moon phases. This New Moon was half way between two New Moon solar Eclipses for the year 2015.  Such halfway points which happen with the Sun and Moon joining while squaring Rahu and Ketu are important triggers for the yearly Eclipse events.  The Sun and Moon applying toward the nodes gives energy like that of a waxing Moon, pushing, ambitious, anxious, restless.  There was a blot on that New Moon in the conjunction of Mars within a degree.

Since this New Moon was a key trigger, it is relevant to follow its outcome through the 40 week Gestation cycle also (Here we weave different melodic timelines over each other).



The 40 week First Quarter Moon at March 15 2016 was again at Gemini 1:35.  Trump triumphed in the Republican debates and won 7 states on March 1ston Super Tuesday.  The following week was full of astonishing publicity.   Mitt Romney called Trump a con man, as Republican leaders, including its living former presidents, publicly rejected Trump.

A New Moon solar Eclipse preceded this First Quarter Moon, on March 9 2016, therefore heightening the impact of all related Moon Phase events.  This New Moon solar Eclipse was with Ketu and at 24:58 Leo was square Trump’s personal Eclipse degrees at 28 Scorpio and 28 Taurus.  The Eclipse plot was thickening.



The March 9 2016 New Moon solar Eclipse fell in Trump’s first house, giving high octane jet fuel to his cresting fame.

The trigger New Moon of 2016 came June 4, 2016. This was halfway between the year’s two New Moon solar Eclipses and laying groundwork for the upcoming solar Eclipse that would be at the North Node Rahu.  Most importantly, the June New Moon was conjunct Trump’s Prenatal Eclipse point, at Taurus 10:56.  What happened?  He locked in the GOP nomination for President on May 26.  This Eclipse was exactly joined to Venus in wealthy Taurus and exactly square Jupiter in dharmic Leo fighting the Rahu in the 9thhouse. Happy day for money, bad day for rule of law.

Just five days later, on June 9 the Trump Tower meeting, with Trump’s son, son-in-law and others, allegedly for the purpose of “getting dirt” on Hillary Clinton from Russian contacts, happened.  This meeting would be an early opening to trouble in paradise, overlooked at the time.  The interesting thing about the shift for Trump from the original Metonic cycle based on Rahu to the second Metonic cycle starting at age 65 based on Ketu is a shift from outer to inner.   Rahu, the North Node, is about external contacts, deals, trade with foreign countries, importing wealth.   Ketu, the South Node, is about internal spying, breakdowns, leaks, inner circle betrayals.  The momentum has been with Rahu through Trump’s formative years; it is only in this last third of the cycle that the inner faultlines start gradually to show and eventually take over.

What was the Eclipse profile?  The meeting was just after the June New Moon conjunct Trump’s Prenatal Eclipse.  Three days after it, there was a First Quarter Moon at Leo 27:43, square his natal nodes and Full Moon Eclipse.  In the Lunar Gestation cycle, this was 40 weeks after a New Moon solar Eclipse in September 2015, in which the hullabaloo of Trump’s rising popularity began.  This First Quarter Moon chart exemplifies the anxiety and confusion as the new cycle is kicking in.  The campaign has realized they might actually go somewhere and is scrambling for every advantage they can get.  It was about to be the candidate’s birthday.  The candidate is shown by the Sun in the Eclipse chart, and sitting in the Lagna, he is very much aware and in charge of everything happening.



The appointment of the Special Counsel came at a key structural moment in the Eclipse stories.




In spectacular confluence, the New Moon of May 25, 2017 is on Trump’s Prenatal Eclipse point, while Mars is exactly on his natal Sun at 29 Taurus.  Mars was on the New Moon the day Trump entered the presidential race.  Here it is again with the New Moon and on natal Sun as Mueller’s probe gets started.  The blot is back.  Why do they call Mars a malefic?

Let’s see another Lunar Gestation cycle from the appointment of the Special Counsel. This entire cycle impacts Trump’s Prenatal Eclipse degree.



Below, the closest Moon phase on the smaller scale of mere monthly Moon cycles was a Third Quarter Moon on May 18, 2017, the day after Mueller was appointed.  As a waning Third Quarter, it has to do with reward or punishment.  The Sun is exactly square the nodes while Moon opposes Trump’s natal Ascendant, bent on revealing whatever is to be revealed.  The Sun in Trump’s 10thhouse shows who’s in charge: the authorities.



Trump’s Leo ascendant forces Leonine drama —  things swaying  back and forth between poles of reality and bombast.  The public was generally tired-skeptical-bored with the Mueller investigation, and by the second phase of the Mueller Lunar Gestation cycle, the First Quarter Moon of February 23 2018, opinion was fairly cold toward Mueller’s team, as shown by the Sun in Trump’s 7th house of fame and support, while the Moon on the Prenatal Eclipse degree went into Trump’s strong 10th house.  Emotions for him were strong.

The placement of the Sun in a Moon Phase chart shows where authority and control lie, while the house of the Moon shows where the sentiment is.

Mueller indicted Paul Manafort and Rick Gates on Feb 22, at the First Quarter Moon, but Trump’s attorneys with Republican support in Congress were arguing that the president could not be obstructing justice because he has the power to shut down investigations.  And other such Aquarianisms were getting all pervasive play. As one journalist wrote, “Such people can exert power for a long time, by playing on the fear and cupidity, the gullibility and the hatreds of those around them.” [iii]The uncertainty, vacillation, and seemingly failing attempts to get things going were characteristic of a First Quarter Moon. Saturn in the dharmic sign of Sagittarius put ethical warriors in a frustrating bind.  Mars was taking a back seat in the 12thhouse, so any prospect of bringing wrongdoing to justice was weak.  The control was very shaky, in the 3rdhouse of the journalists who were trying to hold on to the mast in the Aquarian storm.





The next big turn of the wheel from when Mueller was appointed will be the one where the most climactic chest-beating, conflict and passion arises.  This will be the Full Moon in the Mueller Lunar Gestation cycle.  It comes on November 23, 2018, right after the midterm elections.  This Full Moon will be on Trump’s Prenatal Eclipse area.

In this chart Mars plays a hostile role in its most harmful house placement in the 7thboth in rasi and navamsa.  Mars is also in Trump’s natal 7thhouse.  This cannot be salutary.  This position is called “marana karaka sthana,” meaning it brings deathlike pain to the native because of the enemy action of the planet in question.   In some cases the planet can sacrifice itself for the native, but here this Mars in Satabisaj, the nakshatra of a hundred lights, would finally insist on doing the right thing.  Finally the publicity will be on the side of the realists.  In fact the navamsa has four planets in marana karaka sthanas, Mars in the 7th, Saturn in the 1st, Jupiter in the 3rd, Moon in the 8th, all gasping for breath.  Survival would be miraculous.



But there is a lot of interesting ground to cover between these two Lunar Gestation cycle charts.  We can bisect the nine month span between Feb 23 2018 and November 23 2018 and find any Moon Phase event that aligns with our familiar Prenatal Eclise point.  These should be the catharsis points where the main information comes out that decisively changes the course of events.

The Full Moon of August 26 2018 and the Third Quarter Moon of September 3 2018 are the most acute of these.  The Full Moon falls at Aquarius 9:15 opposite Trump’s ascendant and Mars and square his Prenatal Eclipse point. Going into this weekend flips by Trump’s associates piled up—into the time of this research.  On September 2nd, the Third Quarter Moon near Trump’s PNE likely will see some major magic  –defensive crackdown on the part of the President?   A move by Special Counsel Mueller?  The Moon is strong in Lagna, and in a mood for war with the dristi from stationary exalted Mars in the house of the world stage.  Trump will not go down without a ferocious fight.   Mercury at 0 degrees in its marana karaka 4thhouse shows an impulsive launch of attack on legal opponents such as the Special Counsel.



Finally, if we make it through the tricky period from the August Full Moon into the midterm elections, the epilogue should then begin.  Since the wheels of justice grind exceedingly slow, the probe and its aftermath likely will drag out until the fourth and last phase, the Third Quarter Moon of the Mueller Lunar Gestation cycle.   This comes in summer of 2019.  Moon is on Trump’s Prenatal Eclipse area and in the 8thhouse of retirement.  The Sun is fully hampered by conjunction with the fiery Mars and watery Venus and lies in Trump’s natal ascendant.    In navamsa Sun is in the house of retirement.  Jupiter is debilitated in navamsa and giving no help.   Moon and Mercury in navamsa are in the sign of Aquarius, which is said to show those who vanish from the native’s life.  The allies’ support will have flooded away with the receding tide.  It may take until near the end of the current term to bring any resolution to all the overhanging drek, but at least considering it all from the vantage point of the Eclipses gives perspective.





Also we can check the dasas of a natal chart to see if they confirm.  Here’s one for the President:

This is a summary of major events using one of Parasara’s great offerings, a rasi dasa called Varnada dasa.  (Just the signs involved and timings are given.)

Mr. Trump is in Libra mahadasa, lasting eight years, with antardasas of 8 months each.

Libra/Libra Sep 2013   Libra is third house–the opposition party.  Trump in Moscow.

Libra/Sc   May 2014    Russian hacking intensifying; America turning populist

Libra/Sg   June 2015   announces Presidential run in Jun:  Sag is fire sign in 5H of politics

Libra/Cp    Sep 2015   building strength:  Lib is 10 from Cp; Cp lord is Sat in 10 from Lib.

Libra/Aq     May 2016  elected in upset victory:  Lord Rahu is conjunct Lagna Lord Sun in 10 in raj yoga  Su

Ra raj yog in Dasamsa (d10)   see chart



Libra/Pi Jan 2017   Varnada Lagna is here in 8H:  Gorsuch to Supreme Court; tax cut: 8H=taxes; Pi=judges

Libra/Ar  Sep 2017   legal troubles intensify:   9 Lord—law– is Mars in 1H, and is badhak lord

Libra/Ta  May 2018   losses in Nov midterm elections   Li-Ta  6-8  Ra afflicting 10H of the executive

Libra/Ge  Jan 2019   What about Mercury?  Gemini is hemmed in and gets bad 12thdrsti of Rahu

In D10 Mercury in Scorpio is in bad exchange with 12 L Mars in Virgo.

Also in navamsa, D9, Mercury is in problematic parivartana with Rahu. Mercury by exchange goes into 4thhouse where it is in terrible trouble, while Rahu by exchange goes into 9thhouse where it is like a demon in the temple.

However, are they protected by going into own signs?  He may outfox the lawyers for another period.  See navamsa below.



Li /Cn   Sep 2019   This is more of a finalization of the problems:

He was elected in Libra dasa;  we saw its prominence in D10.   In Lib /Aq he was elected:   Aq is 5H of power and its lord Rahu is in Raj yoga in D10 Lg with Sun karaka for presidency.

In Lib/Cancer, the lord Moon is afflicted in 7H in the Ra Ke axis  and  Lib lord Venus is in 6thhouse of enemies and being stripped of honor.

Opposite end of the Ra-Ke axis can overturn Raj yoga….  Aries is the antardasa bahya—outer effects– rasi from Libra/Cancer

Mars and Mercury in parivartana in 6 and 8 from Aries suggest an unpleasant legal ouster….   Moon involvement confirming something…….


[i]Lunar Shadows III – The Predictive Power of Moon Phases and Eclipses, by Dietrech Pessin, Igloo Press

[ii]Pessin, ibid. dubs these returns as “Moon Familes.”  Pessin provides convenient tables of these 40-week returns of Moon to the same zodiacal degree.

[iii]  Eliot Cohen, in The Atlantic,  August 24, 2018,