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Apology for Wrong Predictions

“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings.” —Julius Caesar, Act I, scene 2, 140-141 This is a multi-applicable quote from the master Shakespeare. Let’s start with the astrologer. My predictions have been wrong through the last few posts. First I said Trump would not be the […]

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State of the Race, Election 2016

In a previous post I looked at the connection of the presidential candidates to the USA chart. Now I am going to use a technique from the ancient text called Manusmṛti ( मनुस्मृति) which also is widely practiced by Western tropical astrologers. This technique, year-for-a-day progression, is a great way to see the state of […]

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The Presidential Race, homestretch

     What kind of deeply plotted backstory can bring so improbable a finale— two young lovers finding each other in a law library and taking off on an impossible career climb, twisting and tripping their way up a spiral staircase of missing steps and broken banisters, jeered on by hooting, hating enemies and half-hearted […]

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Speedtest: Trump Trips!

    Donald Trump will not be the Republican nominee…… a glance at a wise predicting resource of Vedic astrology strongly suggests this. On the night of the Republican nominee selection, next July 21, 2016, the transiting planets in Trump’s horoscope deny a coronation. The quick way to see this is using the magical grid […]

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Angela Merkel and the Dragon’s Tail

The German Chancellor has just been named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year, and is the subject of a fascinating recent profile by George Packer in The New Yorker. A study of Angela Merkel’s horoscope brings out the planetary underpinnings of the ascent of the most powerful woman in the world. (1)       […]

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Hillary Clinton — Can She Win

What makes the chart of Hillary Clinton so special is the parivartana, or mutual exchange of signs, between the Moon in her 5th house and Saturn in her 10th house. Moon, having higher degrees than any other planet, is the monarch of her horoscope, called the Atma Karaka. For any chart the Atma Karaka (AK) […]

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Jeb Bush, Part Two

This post is the sequel to a view of Jeb Bush in the family context.  See Part One here. Getting down to the brass tacks of predicting Jeb Bush’s survival into the Republican Presidential Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, July 18 through 21, 2016, we will survey two great jyotish tools: the Varshaphal or Solar Return, […]

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Jeb Bush’s Current Year, part one

–Jeb Bush; drawing by James Ferguson from New York Review of Books March 19, 2015           The fifth house is the natural Leo house and is the place where royal power resides. The fifth house represents the King or President. The fifth house from any special Ascendant in a chart represents […]

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US Election 2012

Chart vs. Chart – Barack & Mitt Who and Why? Here follows a parsing of both contenders’ charts, and a prediction after the transit chart below. Barack: Current dasa : Sat Moon Sat (note: his Vimsottari dasa is calculated from Ascendant not Moon; Ascendant is the stronger start point having two planets, whereas Moon is […]

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Sat Siri Khalsa

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