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Predictions 2018 Spring

    Here is the Chaitra Shukla Pratipad chart for USA for spring 2018-2019. This is the year chart for the country, and it has a few poor portents. Mars and Saturn are conjunct in the 9th house of the world stage. This suggests conflict or dangerous accidents on a global scale, and the aggressive […]

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Horoscope of Baba Siri Chand, Son of Guru Nanak Dev

Continuing a series of studies of horoscopes from Sikh history, the chart of the great uniter of yogic traditions Baba Siri Chand, the elder son of Guru Nanak Dev, is here studied…. About Baba Sri Chand “Siri Chand is the eldest son of Guru Nanak. He was Baal Yogeswar. 151 years(1) he served the entire […]

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Jeb Bush, Part Two

This post is the sequel to a view of Jeb Bush in the family context.  See Part One here. Getting down to the brass tacks of predicting Jeb Bush’s survival into the Republican Presidential Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, July 18 through 21, 2016, we will survey two great jyotish tools: the Varshaphal or Solar Return, […]

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Jeb Bush’s Current Year, part one

–Jeb Bush; drawing by James Ferguson from New York Review of Books March 19, 2015           The fifth house is the natural Leo house and is the place where royal power resides. The fifth house represents the King or President. The fifth house from any special Ascendant in a chart represents […]

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Taylor Swift— Love Denied???

Media stars invariably have prominent Lunar Nodes in their horoscopes. Rahu and Ketu, the Dragon’s Head and Tail, are the bodiless, shadowy, enveloping, mesmerizing, enthralling nodes of the Moon that try to swallow the Sun and Moon at every eclipse. They were a demonic energy who stole the amrit of immortality at the churning of […]

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2015 Astro Forecast Equinox to Equinox

Prognosticating 2015, March through September           In Vedic tradition, the chart for the New Moon in Pisces shows the upcoming year’s events. Here we see it for Washington, DC, so this is a USA-centric reading. The year starts out with a bang with a Total Solar Eclipse. The eclipse is visible […]

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Equities Update: Where did Predictions Go Wrong?

The last few attempts in these posts to find the top of the equity bull have failed, although they pointed out important peaks that were followed by corrections. Still, we should be able to do better using the tools of Vedic Astrology. Going back to the texts, we have found where the flaw came in, […]

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Ursa Major

[Disclaimer: Nothing in these articles on financial astrology is to be taken as investment advice. There is risk of loss of part or all of your capital in trading without due diligence and without relying on the advice of your financial advisor or own trained judgment. These articles are for education and illustrations of how […]

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Effective Use of the Varshaphal: and Let’s Pick the Market Top

The varshaphal or annual solar return is an exquisite instrument for allowing timing fine tuning in the lives of people, institutions or mundane phenomena. That is, as long as we use the right technical settings so that the Varshaphal may operate accurately. And what are these settings? For ayanamsa, the Chitrapaksha is necessary so that […]

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Sat Siri Khalsa

A full-time practitioner of Vedic Astrology and an honors graduate of Harvard University. Vedic Astrology, or Jyotish, the lore of light, is the ancient cosmology that is at the stem of astronomy, quantum physics, Ayurvedic medicine, math, numerology, and Western astrology. Sat Siri has lectured around the world on various topics including spiritual astrology, financial astrology, and how to time and predict events.
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