Tale of Two Ends of Snakes

Current Thoughts, Politics / Sunday, July 14th, 2019

How to See Rahu and Ketu in Charts of Politicians

Rahu, the North Lunar Node, is the significator of the Diplomat in Vedic Astrology.  Rahu and the other end of its axis, Ketu, form the line upon which Eclipses occur. The Rahu-Ketu axis is the shadowy border between Earth, Sun, and Moon intersections.  This nodal separator holds the mystery of unconscious connection and division in human and in group consciousness.   It’s called the Karmic Control axis.

Politicians are tasked with harnessing energies of masses of people, with all their class, ethnic, gender and many other divisions.  Masters of the art have the ability to persuade, maneuver, cajole, threaten, brainwash, excite, shepherd, mesmerize a populace into some kind of united action.   To do this, they have serpentine slithering ability. The nodal axis has been seen through millenia as a great Sarpa or snake.  They manipulate without thinking.  One way of putting it is that the most successful Rahu people  know how to Dip Low on the Mat.

Celebrities and Rock Stars, anyone who hits it off with masses of the people, always have prominent Rahus or Ketus in their charts.  The ultra-violet and infra-red ends of the light spectrum belong to Rahu and Ketu.   To go off the charts in fame–whether popularity or infamy–, the nodes in someone’s horoscope have to be prominent and their time of triggering has to be now. Such igniting folks have frayed wires sticking out that the rest of us get jolted by.   

Donald Trump has this, with Rahu conjunct his chart lord Sun at the zenith.  

And now enter the horoscope of Kamala Harris.  

At the top of Kamala’s Lotus-shaped chart lies Rahu, and at the bottom is Ketu.   Not only are the nodes prominent by being exactly on and opposite her Ascendant, the nodes are in their exalted signs.  This is  a mega-wattage presentation of Rahu and Ketu, and even more interestingly, all the other planets are arrayed around the nodal axis in a precise symmetry resembling a wheel or chakra.  The technical name for the arrangement of planets in the sky of her chart is Chakra yoga, with planets stationed in every other house.

The symmetry can be seen in the North Indian chart below, where all the planets are laid out neatly in a balanced construction around the peak, at the Ascendant, where the exalted Rahu rises.

Charts like these make a statement.  The native is hard to miss.  The Rahu is so powerful as the 9thlord controlling fortune sitting at the rising sign that it doesn’t matter what she says, really.  It’s just her presence.   She can twist and turn and invisibly sting, and enemies don’t know what hit them.

It’s the same with Donald Trump.

It will take a person with a most iconic chart to beat Donald Trump in 2020.  His chart has its own formidable Rahu-crowned geometry which is like a medieval tower surrounded by a wall with a moat at the bottom.

Trump’s 4thhouse rules property and buildings.  In the 4thhouse Ketu and the Moon hold the fort in the watery sign of Scorpio which resembles a deep moat full of piranha.

This Scorpio sign is ruled by Mars in the Ascendant.  Mars is symbolized by walls used as fortification.  In turn, the Ascendant ruler is Sun with Rahu in the sky-high 10thhouse representing executive power.  Since he was born near noon, the Sun has tremendous influence but it is clouded over by the divisive and ten-headed Rahu, master of manipulaton and illusion.

To recap, we have Lord of the 4th, 10thfrom itself.  Lord of the 1st, 10thfrom itself. Block built upon block towering to the zenith, with strong glass ceilings keeping the masses and the female far below.  The bully Mars in the Ascendant in Leo is the fulcrum of the entire chart.  Mars is the significator of walls.

Another interesting note on these two charts :

The Image of Self in the Chart

Every one of us has a false or constructed self, which we manufacture in response to stresses and limitations of growing up in the unreal world of maya, or as it also is called, Bhu Loka (“Earth Plane”).  No one escapes the need to construct an image.  This is a habitual personality, a façade, a reactive pattern that we begin to believe in and eventually identify with more than our essential real self.  This constructed personality can be pinpointed in the Vedic astrology chart. It is called the Arudha Lagna, “arudha” meaning a reflection or mounted picture.  Some charts even have two Arudha Lagnas, which play back and forth in a seesaw of uncertain identity.  

This AL, Arudha Lagna, is crucial for a politician, since the world relates to us through the image we make, often missing our real self.  For a politician, image and polls are everything.

Kamala Harris’s chart has the AL, the image she makes of herself,  in the 9thhouse, which includes law and the courts in its purview.  The sign is Aquarius, ruling legal philosophy, and Saturn, its own lord is in the sign.  This is why she gravitated to the law.  Her image is of the tough prosecutor—professional  working Saturn in the house of legal affairs.  Saturn being retrograde will give reversals of position so she can appear to flip-flop on her philosophy of governing.  Saturn retrograde also will give insatiable ambition, as retrograde planets just keep on trying, over and over till they get what they want, which can be never.  

However this AL has a really big thing going for it:  the sign is Aquarius, and Rahu is also a ruler of Aquarius.  This means the lord of the image is in the Ascendant, right on the Ascendant, and exalted.  That can mean a big payday for a politician—we’ll see how her dasa cycles play out in the next months.  

And, the Ascendant lord is in the house of political power, the 5thhouse, with the Sun, the general significator of leaders.  It’s a pileup of prestige factors.  The only flaw—the debilitated Sun in Libra.  But perhaps women politicians get a pass for debilitated planets, since the female rules this surrendered end of the exaltation-debility spectrum.

In contrast, Donald Trump has his image in the 4thhouse, the place of Family, as in La Familia, the Nation, the Tribe, the land, the homeland behind the moat.  It is in Scorpio, at the bottom of a deep, distantly reflecting well.   The Moon in debility—outrages to propriety–and the node Ketu in its own sign are there, exerting hypnotic and divisive magic and mirror-shattering.

As we have seen over and over again—10,000 times and counting—from Donald Trump, politicians don’t have to be real or tell truth to be famous.  The false image, the AL, Arudha, fills everyone’s mind.  The node keeps electrifying the audience…

To sum up, the Arudha Lagna in any chart is a point that sometimes can explain a politician’s impact, in the light of this old Russian proverb: 

Durakam zakon ne pisan (yesli pisan, to ne chitan, yesli chitan, to ne ponyat, yesly ponyat, to ne tak).

There is no law written for fools (if it is written, it is not read; if it is read, it is not understood; if it is understood, then in the wrong way).