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Current Thoughts / Saturday, March 24th, 2018



Here is the Chaitra Shukla Pratipad chart for USA for spring 2018-2019.

This is the year chart for the country, and it has a few poor portents. Mars and Saturn are conjunct in the 9th house of the world stage. This suggests conflict or dangerous accidents on a global scale, and the aggressive Krittika nakshatra is rising. Mars is the Ascendant lord, and this means the US gets involved in the aggressions and accidents and even causes them. Belligerence is in the air, but with Mars in the mild Taurus navamsa, the war will probably stay confined to trade wars and diplomatic fencing. Mars in Taurus believes in backing off and is non-violent. In fact, Mars falls pretty flat on its face in its feminine navamsa sign and having a dristi on Rahu whom it fears to challenge.  The enemies also bow and walk back.

The other aspect of concern in the 2018 spring chart is an exchange between Jupiter in the 7th house and Venus in the 12th house. Planets being in each others’ signs can be a very good yoga, but when one house is a favored angle and the other house is a shadowy dusthana, a place of difficulties, it means something good gets pulled into problems. The Sun-Moon conjunction really emphasizes the Jupiter of the chart because their nakshatra, PurvaBhadra, is ruled by him, the giant protector.

Jupiter is the Atma Karaka, which in mundane charts represents the King or executive, so in this case it shows an insecure president –at 29 degrees of a sign and retrograde—getting in over his head and backing off multiple times, since Jupiter exchanges with 4 planets in the house of intrigues and conspiracies.   Retrograde planets give something and then snatch it back. Still, the virtue of a retrograde planet is to never give up, no matter how many setbacks it encounters. This seems like nothing new for the current president, like him or hate him, but one wonders how many more times the curtain can rise on another act.

The story of wooden puppet Pinocchio whose nose grew each time he told a lie, and who even at his birth revealed a questionable character by stealing the wig from the head of Gepetto, his kindly creator, seems applicable here. One watches in fascination to figure out how long until Pinocchio trips over his nose—or will his pleas to become a real boy silence his detractors? His enemies, the Fox and the Cat, in the original story eventually hung the puppet, preventing him from realizing the better aspirations of his character. But currently Pinocchio’s allies far outweigh his opponents. This mob of backers can be seen by the four planets in the 12th house of followers in the lunation chart, holding the preponderance of power overwhelmingly at the start of the year chart as of mid-March.

The president’s 72nd birthday in mid-June marks the start of his year of biggest challenge in his own progressed chart. From the Sun his progressed chart returns to Sun with Rahu, who is not kind to Sun. From a different progression method his chart comes to the Moon with Ketu, who is not kind to Moon. His natal Full Moon eclipse will be outlined in full glow or full infamy from mid-2018 to mid-2019. It is a climactic year likely to climb slowly to a breathtaking peak towards June 2019.


Along with progressions we have to consider the dasa in effect. Jupiter/Jupiter is very benevolent for him, but Jupiter/Saturn kicks off in early Jan 2019, during this highlighted year. Saturn is most unfriendly to him, placed in the 12th house at 0 degrees and a negative against Venus. Venus is the 10th lord affecting his job.

Whether it be because of a Democratic tilt in the November mid-term elections, and/or breakthroughs in ongoing investigations, or something still unseen, bigger forces look to be lining up to end his term in 2020. While he is likely to hang in there till the 2020 election, exhaustion may set in by autumn of 2019. Saturn is the money planet in the president’s chart, so the financial component, whether money laundering, nepotistic deals, or simply the markets’ topping and decisive reversal in 2019 could signal game up.

Other broad considerations are the nodal return for the USA chart (on April 22), which happens every 18 or so years. Rahu passes over the natal Rahu, and since USA is in Rahu period, Rahu type events get highlighted. The last return in 1999 brought the Euro currency to challenge the US dollar’s power—now we have cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology whispering about revolutions in fiscal functioning—People’s Money!– to come. Sagittarius is the sign for bitcoin and by extension cryptocurrencies, and with Saturn in their sign it looks like government regulations and other obstacles will attempt to throw a spanner into the works of this cyber-revolution. They may succeed in slowing it down for the next couple of years, but in the long run the future of money is in the hands of blockchain and related technologies.

Also in 1999 some huge tornadoes slammed Oklahoma City, and as Rahu is a vayu or wind planet, we can again expect a lot of wind events, including positive events such as bigger shifting to windpower technology.

The last impeachment attempt went on then and flopped, as Rahu sits in the USA 10th house of the executive, and as strongly backed as it is by four planets in the 9th house, unseating the guy in power is going to be a rare event in US history.

Finally there was rioting at the opening of the World Trade Organization meetings in Seattle, Washington, in 1999, and the populism dominating US politics today seems to have strong links to that once possibly progressive now possibly reactionary movement.

In the more immediate term, which is the focus for this article, we need to go in closer on the Chaitra Shukla Paksh 2018 year chart, see its transits, and also take a look at the USA progression.

The next few months can be broken down by a dasa system as so:

Rahu period March 17 to April 12.    A focus on the leadership vacuum is here. Jupiter is retrograde, transiting in the USA Ascendant sign and in its rising Vishaka nakshatra (see USA chart below), so getting traction is hard. Yet Jupiter the peaceful planet does bring attempts at resolving issues with adversaries. Talks with North Korea are in the offing. Vishaka has the triumphal archway as its symbol giving marked accomplishment by the time Jupiter stations just before Vishaka and re-enters in early August. This eventually will bring a positive new era in international relations.

On 3-26 Moon hits Rahu in Moon’s sign and Venus moves into gandanta in 0 Aries, starting a new circuit of the zodiac. Immigration debates heat up; Rahu rules foreigners and racism. Mercury has just gone retrograde on 3-23, and Rahu gets more powerful when Mercury is hung up. Not only retrograde, Mercury will be debilitated, so details take over the debates and neither side can understand what the other is talking about. Decisions hang on a decimal point literally and figuratively. This retrograde taking place in the 12th house of the year chart will really screw up any chance of getting clarity on on-going investigations. The political obscuration will be impenetrable. Plot and counterplot accusations trip over each other.

The next period of April 12 to May 5 is Jupiter. Since Jupiter is the leader, we can expect more missteps at the top. It’s a very active transit period. Saturn stations April 17, so negotiations in progress can stall as Saturn can falsify or just make mistakes that stop things from completing. Lies from the past can surface causing animosity as Mars is right there too. Violent crime can spike in this window. In fact that day is a red-letter day with the New Moon and Venus opposing Jupiter and Venus changing signs.

May 2 also is a day to watch as Mars shifts into Capricorn and takes a bead on Ketu, the South Node. This is a stormy and fiery combination and may be more dangerous than the Mars-Saturn combination.

The third dasa for the year chart is Mars which runs May 5 to May 25. This can be a generally tense moment of the year, as Mars is still applying to Ketu. On May 25 Venus opposes Saturn, and Saturn is in PurvAshada, a Venus-ruled nakshatra, so relationships are highlighted and going through various crossroad experiences. Venus in Ardra is in a hair-trigger emotional state, so however ‘The Bachelor’ 2018 ended up, fans should expect a startling epilogue with reversals.

Saturn’s period is on from May 25 to June 17, sort of subduing the normally effervescent summer solstice week. Saturn backs up into Mula and Mars contacts Ketu, setting up an electric short-circuit. Beware of technological issues, hacking attacks, terrorist surges, especially around the week of June 8. This is a bad window for security including against another domestic massacre. Prospects for immigration reforms can have setbacks. Fear of foreigners is on the rise.

The next in the cycle is Ketu running from June 17 to July 14. This summer’s trio of eclipses of July 12, July 27 and August 11 begin in the Ketu period. They happen far from visibility in the USA and will not directly impact the USA chart. The solar eclipse of July 12 is in Punarvasu which is about consolidating energy after the storms of Ardra. The deity is Aditi, the original mother archetype. Look for mothers in the news in mid-July, and suitably celebrate your own blessed mothers. Mercury ascends in power these weeks as it moves up to become the transiting atma karaka, highest degree planet, so communication, games, sports, finance will be in high relief during this month featuring the World Cup in soccer, which should go off well in Russia. An edge of danger and antagonism is provided by the stationing of Mars on June 26; Mars retrograde especially with Ketu is a too-burning heat. At least expect some extra heat waves over the summer. Mars retrograde can push things to extremes, bringing volatility in business and work.

Following Ketu dasa for the year chart comes Moon July 14 to July 30. Moon period will include the July 27 Full Moon eclipse, which will be Guru Purnima, the festival of the Guru principle. Buddhists honor the beginning of Lord Buddha’s teaching and Hindus honor Vyasa, son of Parasara, editor of the Vedas as we now have them, and Shiva as he became the first Guru on this occasion. This eclipse thus will be extremely sensitive, a time for spiritual learning and a chance to raise one’s ideals. The planets will form a tight configuration with Mars on the Dragon’s Tail and Sun and Mercury at the Dragon’s Head. Moon will be in Sravana, the nakshatra symbolized by the Ear open wide for whisperings from the Inner Teacher.   The nodes will be square to Uranus, which is an invitation for shocks and surprises.

A word about last August’s eclipses in Magha, right on the president’s rising sign…… they seem to have consolidated his hold on power, which is fitting since he was born an eclipse baby, and the transit eclipses came right on his ascendant and Mars. Mars in his Lagna is very strong; as lord of natal Moon, it will fight fiercely for sustenance and power. Then the recent past Jan-Feb eclipses threw markets into turmoil, coming on the USA Rahu, but did not affect the president notably, touching nothing in his chart. The upcoming Full Moon eclipse does activate his Saturn in the 12th house, but since he is not yet in Saturn antardasa again no threat should be evident. The special investigations continue on and on but the fallout of the eclipses seems muted. Perhaps because he has such a powerful natal eclipse in his chart he is inoculated from transiting eclipses!

Shravana’s image is of three footprints in a row, and the idea is that important clues to the big issues of the time will come out in this oracular time window, although they may be camouflaged by a lot of flack and flattery. The nakshatra promotes a lot of traveling and unexpected distances covered.

The next period is Sun from July 30 to August 23, staging the second solar eclipse on August 11. Mars is retrograde and still clinging to Ketu, while the Sun-Moon conjunction is with retrograde Mercury in the sometimes spiteful and always suspenseful nakshatra of Aslesha, ruled by the Serpents.

Finally Venus period finishes our six-month look at the equinox to equinox period.   Venus is from Aug 23 to September 18. Venus will be debilitated for the first week of that time, and watch for a quality change in Venus-ruled areas, harmonies, relationships, arts, social justice, after September 1.


Part Two

Revisiting the USA chart and where we are we now in larger timeframes ….

The classic master Varahamihira relies on the Saptarishi dasa system based on the nakshatras, which is “the real time-keeper of the universe and is the precession of the equinoxes,” as explained in Brhat Nakshatra by Pt. Sanjay Rath. “It is evident that the entire Yuga calculations are based originally on the nakshatra and the saptaṛsi.”

This huge-era timing mechanism follows the revolution of the seven seers, who are the rishis dwelling behind the stars of the Great Bear. These stars circle Dhruva the pole star, which represents the immovable center set in the planes beyond time, which allows measurement of the galactic rotation in our apparent time.

The maha dasa for Kali Yuga starts from Magha nakshatra, as per Varahamihira, and goes in reverse order from East to West. From -3102 BCE, the start of Kali Yuga, the order is Magha, Aslesa, Pushya, and so on for maha dasas of a millenium per nakshatra. Our current era has moved backward from Magha, nakshatra #10, to nakshatra #5, Mrgashira. Mrgashira mahadasa runs from 1699 to 2659. The maha dasa covers approximately a millennium (960 years), the antar dasa a century, the pratyantar dasa a decade, and the suksma dasa a year.

The nakshatras officiating at the founding of the United States of America were Mrgashira/Mrgashira/PurvaBhadra/Jyestha.

The USA birth Mahadasa is Mrgashira, whose deity is Chandra, the overlord of the nakshatras, and the significator of the Manas, or the human mind-psyche complex.   In Western history this came at the culmination of the Enlightenment, the age where inquiry, reason, and scientific method began to take precedence over religion. This is well symbolized by Chandra, the Moon adorning the head of Shiva. This Moon is holding Shiva’s boons of the accumulation of vast knowledge, and unlimited psychic development. Its human flaws are seen in the running rampant of desire, the unloosing of unfettered sexuality.

Positive Soma, another name for Chandra, is the devata form for Mrgashira. This is the Moon-ruled subtle energy of consciousness emanating through the brain and its glands. When not thwarted by its own excesses, Soma spreads joy and exhilaration to the whole world through its soothing very cool nectar.   The image of the Mrgashira nakshatra is the head of a deer, whose branching antlers show opening pathways of learning reaching out in all directions.








Focused meditation compresses the strands of awareness into the concentrated drop of productivity or bliss. The thinking that leads to advances for all of humanity is nurtured here.

Mars, the Vimsottari lord of the nakshatra Mrgasira, signifies technology; its negative extreme is war. The birth of the USA occurred in the first antardasa or century (1699-1799) of the Mrgashira millennium, so it was under double Mrgashira. We should see this star emphasized in the USA horoscope and indeed we do, as Mars in Mrigashira heads the Gemini stellium in the 9th house, signifying the World Stage. Also, Mrgashira is the Moon’s nakshatra lord. As janma nakshatra lord, Mars is governing the longevity of the USA; Mars also is the Hora Lord granting wealth, and Mars is lord of the navamsa ascendant, which guides the fortune or destiny.   The fiery energy of the revolutionary birth of the United States initiated a century of democratic uprisings, the spreading of liberal thought, the Industrial Revolution, the explosion of capitalism, countered by the Communist Manifesto, and the scramble for Africa and the ague, the shivering fevers, of imperialism.

Such being the birth, we can then track the present. The world has moved on to Bharani antardasa which runs from 1999-2099. This is a dark century influence since the devata is Yama, god of the southern direction of war and death, and full of Vayu tattva, the air element encouraging movements and migration, as the world is seeing war and forced exoduses everywhere. The September 11 2001 World Trade Center attacks set off the first decade of this hundred years. The term ‘war on terror’ became a cliche. The Columbine school shootings began a dolorous trend. The Catholic church became engulfed in a pedophilia scandal. The abuse and humiliation of prisoners at Abu Ghraib marked a low point of the already abased Iraq war. Currently leaders are still building their weapons caches while ignoring social welfare.

At the next narrower time window, the decade, we are finishing up the Aswini pratyantar dasa for the years 2009-2019. Aswini is the star of healers; medical advances have proliferated since 2009.

Aswini is the nakshatra in which twin sons were born to the Sun god and his wife Sanjna (clear intellect) after they were reunited after marital hardships. The separation had been brought on by the over-dazzling grandiloquence of the Sun’s ego which forced the feminine to retreat to a desert where she found rejuvenation as a mare wandering through the open humble spaces. The Sun found her again and after suitable penances reformed his identity to be able to unite with his Shakti; twins gifted with extraordinary medicinal powers were delivered.

Big breakthroughs have come in the last 9 years under the influence of this pratyantar. 3D printing which allows the replication of machine parts and goods has been applied to the human body! Medical experimenters since about 2013 have printed a working outer ear, blood vessels, skin cells to heal wounds, and livers that can replace the need for biological livers in transplants, and a device that can function as an artificial pancreas. There is a bionic eye. There are ways to counter onset of epileptic seizures using sensors in the brain, and to lessen some effects of Parkinson’s with implants.

Gene therapy continues to find new applications including for cancer immunotherapy which now can be customized. Hormone therapy has advanced with new ways to fight Hepatitis C, infectious diarrhea, and other diseases. A new method uses eyedrops to melt away cataracts, avoiding the need for surgery. A new wave of antibiotics may offer hope for countering drug-resistant superbugs.

All of this shows the fusing of the healing gifts of the Sun’s offspring with technological mastery given by Ketu, the planetary governor of Aswini, and Mars the engineer, sign lord of Aries.

Aswini decade will end at the Pisces New Moon, Chaitra Shukla Paksh, in March 2019. The next decade will bring a marked shift. From Aswini the pratyantar dasa moves backward into Pisces; it’s a gandanta change from the fiery beginning in Aries to the oceanic end of the zodiac in Pisces. There has to be a leap across a boiling abyss. So 2018 should be tame in relation to the events of 2019 and 2020.

The current individual suksma dasa years of the decade are Purva Ashada, Mula and Revati for 2017, 2018, and 2019 respectively. This year’s suksma dasa starting at the Pisces New Moon in March is Mula.

So looking at the Chaitra Shukla Paksh for this year we should especially mark Mula. It is in the 9th house of the world stage, having the already mentioned ominous combination of Mars and Saturn. Mars is in Mula nakshatra. This house is reached by progression over the year in November 2018. Scorpio ruled by Mars comes up in October. Stay tuned for our next forecast article for more about this….

Mula is ruled by the goddess of discord, Nirriti, and so it looks like her play emerges in fall in time for the 2018 mid-term elections.   This does not look like a smooth month for the party currently in power.

Then in 2019 the new decade begins. There will be a jump in the suksma order so whereas Jyestha would be expected after Mula, Revati instead starts the new decade at 2019 and its first suksma dasa is Revati itself.

This will be a very significant shift for the USA and for the world at large.   Jyestha has been a strong supporter for the current President, because this nakshatra houses his Moon and Ketu, the ends of his dominating natal eclipse. We saw how in the progressed chart for the USA election the Moon there matched the President’s natal Jyestha Moon. The Moon was the 10th lord in the progressed chart so it seated Trump on the throne.

In 2019, where we might have been expecting Jyestha suksma dasa, instead we get the jolt of a jump to Revati. Something unexpectedly ends. The progressed chart for USA 2019 has the markings of an upset in the 4th house, with the Moon there conjunct Ketu, in the unfriendly sign Capricorn. Moon the 10th Lord goes through a destabilizing impact, with its dispositor Saturn retrograde and uncomfortable in the first house. But 2019 is a ways off…..

Look back at Last article

The election of Donald Trump in USA’s Vimsottari Dasa of Mars / Sun was a reflection of the national energies. Trump’s Leo ascendant, occupied by Mars, fuses Mars and Sun. Trump’s “MAGA” cap—Make America Great Again—literally names the nakshatra rising in his chart: Magha, the “Throne Room,” which is the seat of the king’s—or the authoritarian’s—power in Leo. With the installing of Trump, a mini Sun King is born, and with a Full Moon eclipse dramatizing Trump’s ruling Sun in the 10th house, he is a Sun King carrying permanent fixtures of clouds and lightning and rain above his head, like Joe Btfsplk in Li’l Abner cartoons.









In the last article we looked at the progressed USA chart as of 2017, and expected an emphasis on negotiations, talks, trade and tit-for-tats, and this has been happening and should keep on into the next USA birthday chart this 4th of July. Venus as the lord of the chart emphasized showmanship and drama, which is Trump’s main modus operandi.   This was expected to “alternately enflame and mollify, quite a volatile influence with a lot of blustering discourse,” just what we have had. Mercury will still be the highest degree planet in the USA progressed chart although in the final minutes of its sign, meaning the economy should be holding on to its apparent flourishing into this summer of 2018 and through the fall months. But with the end of the nakshatra decade in March 2019, and after the USA birthday in July 2019 the markets will start a more drastic, much bigger retreat from new highs (higher than the current all time highs). Mercury, signifying money, will go into the doldrums. As the money shrinks, Trump’s popularity also will fizzle.

Last fall the article said,

“. The 2017 chart has a challenging 6th house Mars and Mercury combination in the navamsa , the same planets that in the Chaitra Sukla chart indicate the legal investigation against the Trump administration, and since the eclipse fell on the President’s natal ascendant, we can expect more drama to follow. “ This year’s return chart still has the same Mars and Mercury in the navamsa, so the situation continues.