PJC 2016 Admissions

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The Parāśara Jyotiṣa Course (PJC) is to be taught in the tradition of Puri, India and includes spiritual instructions to develop the mind in order to grasp the entire subject. The student is to develop a keen understanding of Vedic astrology and will master all the śloka of Bṛhat Parāśara Horā Śāstra (BPHS).
The syllabus primarily includes the jyotiṣa classic Bṛhat Parāśara Horā Śāstra as available today. The various chapters are grouped into 28 topics to be covered in four years for the certification as Jyotiṣa Paṇḍita.
This is the fourth batch of PJC Students, the first being mentored by Pt. Sanjay Rath, second by Dr. Andrew Foss and third by Sarbani Rath.


The course for each academic year of the Parāśara Jyotiṣa Course shall formally commence from Meṣa Saṅkrānti (about 16 April) and shall be taught online. The mentors will have periodic webinars and/or contact classes for some parts of the course.


DBC offers a choice of two mentors for this PJC Batch – Sat Siri Khalsa for the Americas and Visti Larsen for Eurasia. Australians and New Zealanders are free to choose either.
More Information: The website for the PJC 2016 batch is at http://devaguru.com/pjc

  • Devaguru Bṛhaspati Center has opened admissions for fresh batch of students to start its prestigious Parāśara Jyotiṣa Course from the Academic Year 2016.
  • Unlike other colleges where the application is generic, DBC requires that the student should be accepted by a mentor for learning vedāñga jyotiṣa.
  • A mentor is a jyotiṣa guru who will guide you through the course. Unlike previous years where one mentor was available, in 2016 the mentors are (a) Sat Siri Khalsa for Americas and (b) Visti Larsen for Europe. Students from other continents have the option to join either.
  • Interested students should fill the Application Form and email it at the earliest date. Keep in mind that the course starts officially April, 2016 but early entrants have the access immediately to the course pages, particularly Subharambha.
  • Students can enroll by simply paying the fees at the website

PJC joining options for the Year 2016

Sat Siri Khalsa
PJC Year-1
  • Single Payment
  • Primarily for Americas
  • Complete Access for 5 Years
  • Optional Contact Class
Payment options
Decided by Mentor
  • Email to Sat Siri Khalsa
  • Explain your needs clearly
  • Payment schedules as agreed between Student-Mentor
  • Mentor will admit you

Important Notice

  1. The fees are based on the economy of the region as well as the number of days the mentor is likely to spend in contact course (for mentors outside India). Fees do not include travel and stay costs as well as any incidentals for the contact classes. Contact Classes are (optional).
  2. Students attending the contact classes are expected to give Guru Dakṣiṇa as this is the traditional way. Fees indicate above do not include guru dakṣiṇa. This is optional and is based on the heart of the student and appreciation for all that he receives. It is the vedic way which we must learn.
  3. Contact classes will be held in Locations chosen by the Mentor. Your contact course dates will be announced by your mentor at the forum