Taylor Swift— Love Denied???

Current Thoughts, Relationships and Romance / Sunday, March 1st, 2015

Media stars invariably have prominent Lunar Nodes in their horoscopes. Rahu and Ketu, the Dragon’s Head and Tail, are the bodiless, shadowy, enveloping, mesmerizing, enthralling nodes of the Moon that try to swallow the Sun and Moon at every eclipse. They were a demonic energy who stole the amrit of immortality at the churning of the worlds and were sliced into two by Lord Vishnu’s chakra. Rahu, the head with no body, and Ketu, the trunk and tail with no head, are the karma controllers in every horoscope. Together (which they never can be), they form the ouroboros archetype in Jungian psychology, and in their grip humans do strange things.

Ouroboros                                                                                     –Lucas Jennis, De Lapide Philosophico

In keeping with the current transit energy (see “2015 Astro Forecast”) –with Ketu, the Tail, at the apex of the trine of Saturn and Jupiter–, here is a look at a top pop star with a mega-Ketu in her chart.


Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift pic






Ketu was rising at Taylor Swift’s birth (1989) so her intelligence and instincts are in the thrall of this energy mass that rules infra-red heat (Red).








The lord of her Cancer rising sign, Moon, is set apart from the Ketu energy as it is in the 12th house with Jupiter. This is a highly fortunate arrangement, for Moon can exercise clear, unbiased discrimination when with Jupiter the great Teacher, and Mercury also exchanges signs with Jupiter, conferring the exquisite skills that go into her songwriting and staging and overall life planning. Moon and Jupiter are sattvic or uplifting planets so this powerful yoga for her ascendant ruler makes her an upstanding, inspiring role model. Ketu rules the feminine while Rahu is masculine between the two nodes, so Taylor Swift is an icon of girliness. But the solar half of Cancer sign is rising, so she also has a masculine side to her intelligence and is able to multi-task, and drive her own life car without anyone’s coaching.

Still, the Ketu component rides large–the lack of self-consciousness, for Ketu is the “moksha karaka”, the giver of enlightenment, and the beginnings of this long path are in forgetfulness of self. Taylor Swift can be in a TV interview with four or five media stars treating her with deference and awe and be lost in playing with a new 3-D app on her tablet. She can tromp about the stage in a performance like a young elephant listening for her herd but still oblivious to the real fans in the seats.

The Test

The test in the chart is shown by the opposite end of the Ketu Rahu axis: Rahu the Dragon’s Head who represents cravings and illusions, is very disturbing to Venus, and in this chart Rahu is joined to Venus in the 7th house ruling relationships. Taylor Swift’s romantic history is writ large in her lyrics and picked up on by media; her period of frenetic dating from 2008 to 2012 was entered into with the headless, heedless abandon which only Ketu brings to actions, and its serial failures left the bitter taste that only Rahu takes from actions.

The 7th house is ruled by Saturn, who wants to give a permanent and disciplined partnership, but the placement of that lord is difficult— Saturn is in the 6th house ruling celibacy or singleness. Saturn with Mercury often gives age issues in relationships; you date or marry someone notably younger or older. One or the other seems immature or too experienced. The whole picture adds up to difficulty, and this was a karmic test from the start because her first dasha, first planet cycle, was the cycle of Rahu mahadasha and Venus antardasa. When she got into a flurry of dating she was in a Rahu antardasa of Jupiter mahadasha. Jupiter the protector got overtaken by Rahu in the 7th with Venus.

Finer Energies

The 7th lord Saturn is in the 12th nakshatra counted from the Ascendant. This is a nakshatra that focuses on finding a sincere love. Your task is to find the person you want to be with most of the time. But having Saturn here, the process is an uphill battle, a long campaign. Mercury and Saturn both are there; the fast and fickle part came first, and now the long slow maturing part under Saturn takes over. Taylor Swift began Saturn dasha in November 2009, and it is a long period running till November 2028—time for a lot of winnowing of chaff.

It is a past-life dominated quest for sure, as we can see from Navamsa chart. The Navamsa gives the inner character, the luck, and the template carried from previous incarnations. Here Mercury is with Mars and Rahu in the 8th house of past life debts. In Leo, these planets show a huge smoldering sexual energy that also carries a large obligation. Saturn rules the Navamsa Ascendant and is placed very well in the 9th house, showing that Taylor Swift surely will get her responsibilities right. Her chart is not the manic mess of many pop stars. But as for love— she has Moon Sun and Venus in Pisces in Navamsa, where Venus is exalted. But Moon and Sun in the same sign in Navamsa do threaten the ability to succeed in the special realm of this divisional chart, which for the Navamsa is the realm of marriage. It may never happen, given such a combination.

Time to Unfold

But Sun is the Atma Karaka, the one planet higher in degree than any other and showing the strength of soul brought to solve problems. Sun with Venus also is an activator of romance. It will be up to the progressions to allow a time to unfold when that special someone can be there. The solar progression in the Navamsa must come right for a real relationship to begin. Currently in Aries, there is no connection, no window open, and the next opportunity is not until 2018. But just a flash in the pan definitely should come up next year, as the Sun progresses into Taurus which is the Arudha Lagana in the main chart and in the Navamsa. This shows an exciting new beginning and a Venus person coming to share the stage.

Remedies for Taylor Swift are to work on Venus which is tainted by Rahu. Venus in Pisces in the Navamsa finds its badhak or obstacle, confusion, barrier, in the opposite sign of Virgo. In the main chart Virgo is in the third house of effort. The attention to every tiny detail that characterizes her work is the manifestation of this effort. But Venus in the Rasi is in the 13th nakshatra from Lagna. This is the nakshatra that is destiny or fate. This is a set fortune. It is not an emotional conquest. Only the soul has the power to ordain it. Chastising the other is merely an expression of Mars in the 7th from the Arudha Lagna where boys are bad. The male principle can be very bad with domineering Sun joined to punishing Mars in Scorpio. This is for Taylor Swift to explain to her vast audience of teens and tweens.

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  1. Sat Siri,
    Your article about Taylor Swift is fascinating. Not only about her but it’s illustrative of how the planets affect us. I learned from reading it. I’m in California at an Ayurvedic Spa. Katie, my daughter, was here for a couple days. At lunch one day the subject of Taylor Swift came up—-and someone remarked that she must be getting good counsel from her advisors. Taylor is a client of Katie’s and so Kate knows her just a tiny bit and Kate said that she did not believe Taylor leaned on advisors but that she made her own decisions about her career and life .
    Interesting because one of the first things you said is she “drives her own life car”
    Love your writing and look forward to reading more

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