What kind of deeply plotted backstory can bring so improbable a finale— two young lovers finding each other in a law library and taking off on an impossible career climb, twisting and tripping their way up a spiral staircase of missing steps and broken banisters, jeered on by hooting, hating enemies and half-hearted supporters, to be years later teetering at the very tiptop,  the wife now the first woman President and the husband, already ex-President, now the first First Gentleman? Astrologers, it has to be written in capital-letter code in the stars! and as such must hint to us important things about how planets do talk.

Consider the chart of their country, the United States.



The Fourth of July 1776 in mid-afternoon, town criers came out into Independence Square in Philadelphia and rang the bells to announce to a roaring crowd that the vote was done, and they had a country. A stellium of four grahas sat in the 9th house of proclaiming an earth-shattering discovery on the world stage. The Sun, karaka for divine authority, rose in exaltation in the ascendant of the Dharmamsa (navamsa) showing the tremendous duty the new Congress was taking for itself, while the navamsa lord faced its own ascendant in martial and miserable guise in the 7th house: war was now officially afoot. Navamsa Sun ruled the 5th house of power with the planets there of Saturn the democracy indicator and Mercury the chara karaka showing the community (GK, Gnati Karaka). Moon languished in the navamsa 8th house in its debilitation, showing as Putra Karaka the abandonment of filial loyalty to its former masters the British Monarchy.

In the Rasi chart the Moon has an exchange from the 5th house of the source of political power to the 10th house of the political throne. Moon is in Aquarius, Kumbha, the Pot, yogically representing the ferment of Kundalini energy at the base of the spine and culturally representing the Melting Pot that comes when cultures flow together mixing and coalescing to create a unity greater than the sum of parts. Rahu rules Aquarius, the natural badhak or sign of obstacles, and Rahu is placed in the sign of Moon in the 10th, so this is a Raj Yoga between the strongest Kendra and the most ardent trine, pulling Mercury, also in Cancer, back and forth between the 10th and 5th houses. Mercury represents the many communities, originally the 13 colonies, growing to unimaginable complexity through future iterations of history, and folding under its wings five of the other grahas all in Mercury’s signs.

In the horoscope as a whole the weekday planets occupy only four signs, making a sky yoga called Kedara that gives primacy to Mercury, lord of Prthvi tattva, the Earth energies. Mercury is conjoined Rahu that seeks to break boundaries, and in the 10th house finds its mission to “Go West, Young Man,” where Rahu, the enjoyment-seeking materialist, flourishes. Mercury, lord of Gemini, ruling most planets in the horoscope, is the quintessential American planet. All the more so, since the USA horoscope Atma Karaka, the soul director, is Saturn, the democracy planet, also guided by Mercury since Saturn sits in Virgo.

Those unique individuals elected as Presidents of the USA all have to have clear links to the USA Mercury-Rahu exchange with Moon in their own charts. And it is so. Perhaps a bit intricate to follow, but based on solid principles of jyotish, here is a survey of several of the country’s leaders who all illustrate the destiny tie to the USA horoscope signature planet.
Abraham Lincoln’s Atma Karaka is Mercury conjoined Sun on his Lagna in 1 to 3 degrees Aquarius, which is conjunct the USA Moon in Aquarius that has the exchange with USA Mercury in early Cancer. Not only that, Abe Lincoln’s Sun is at the exact same declination degree as USA’s Mercury. Declination (called Kranti in Sanskrit) is an extremely important, often overlooked, linkage between planets accounting for many strong karmic interactions.

Franklin D. Roosevelt has Mercury at 4:57 Aquarius conjunct USA Moon within 05 minutes! FDR’s Lagna Lord Sun has declination of 17:26 South. USA Mercury has declination of 17:30 North, an exact contra-parallel. FDR’s Mercury is sign lord of his natal Moon, and his natal Moon navamsa degree (if you bother with such details, which should not be necessary, but is often formidably clinching) is at 4:30 Aquarius conjunct USA Moon. With these intense interrelations these Presidents become iconic in the annals of their country’s history.

John F. Kennedy had natal Saturn conjunct the USA Mercury, (which by the way is retrograde, increasing Mercury’s strength). JFK’s term was cut short by tragedy. JFK’s chart also illustrates another little-known but powerful fact about declinations. Declination degrees can be mapped around the zodiac to match longitude degrees. Wherever the Sun’s declination is on a given day of the year, that longitudinal degree is called the declination equivalent. Any planet can be checked for its declination equivalent, and there are two of these, one mapped along the north and one mapped along the south. One will be very close to the planet’s actual longitude and another will be offset at some more distant place along the zodiac. For USA Mercury, its far declination equivalent maps to Aries 24-25 degrees. JFK has Mars at 26 Aries, conjunct his Lagna Lord and Atma Karaka Mercury at Aries 28.

Barack Obama has Sun-Mercury conjunct USA Rahu-Mercury, while his Sun (president) is closely parallel USA Mercury. Also he has natal Ketu conjunct USA Moon, the nodal tie giving another piece of the strong destiny.

For some not-as-famous US Presidents, the link is still always there.
Dwight D. Eisenhower , a war-time President (World War II, Korea) has two planets that are Out of Bounds in declination. Out of Bounds planets are above the tilt-line of the Sun-Earth zodiacal plane. They are flying higher or lower than the Sun’s maximum declination of 23:27 North or South, and thus exhibit erratic and highly charged behavior, as they feel at least temporarily as if they could spin out into space. They correspond to situations of extremity, such as war, or intense psychological states. To map an Out of Bounds planet to a declination degree equivalent, its distance above 23:27 is subtracted from 23:27 to get a mirror point along the zodiac. For General Eisenhower, Mars (war) and Venus both are Out of Bounds and Venus, very extreme at 25:53 North, has a mirror point at 21:01 North. The declination equivalent for this is 2 Cancer, conjunct USA Mercury! Venus is the key focus in Eisenhower’s chart because it is lord of the Moon sign, is the 10th lord and dispositor of Rahu, and because he has a Sky yoga—Nabhasa yoga—of planets in six signs, giving pride of place to Venus. So Eisenhower’s focal planet ties to USA’s focal planet.

Lyndon Baines Johnson has Atma Karaka Venus in exact parallel to USA Mercury. LBJ’s Venus is conjunct Rahu, which is conjunct Mercury in the USA chart and is lord of the USA Moon. LBJ also has a stellium of five planets in Leo, with Jupiter there in exact opposition to USA Moon. Johnson’s navamsa Sun (presidency) in Cancer is conjunct USA Rahu-Mercury.

Finally, George W. Bush has Mercury as focal planet of his chart—planets occupy four houses (not counting Rahu and Ketu) and Mercury sits in Lagna conjunct Atma Karaka Venus and Saturn. Mercury is his Moon and Sun dispositor in exchange with Moon. Mercury, the Prince, is what George W. Bush is all about. Does that Mercury link to USA Mercury? Yes, exactly parallel, while the Saturn with it is exact conjunct USA Mercury, to also bring in the Aquarian factor for USA.

So for all of these Presidents there is a compelling bond to the USA signature Mercury-Rahu conjunction exchanging with USA Moon. It means we ought to be able to find a similar coupling in the current election cycle, so let’s check one more past President and the two current aspiring Presidents.

What are Bill Clinton’s links to USA Mercury? President Clinton has Mercury-Saturn in Lagna conjunct USA Mercury-Rahu, and his Mercury is parallel USA Mercury (similar to George W. Bush). President Clinton also has Moon at 24:13 Aries exactly conjunct USA Mercury’s far declination equivalent degree. So the Mercury-Rahu-Moon USA core combination is fully pictured in the Bill Clinton chart.

Now, what about current contenders?

Donald Trump does have strong links to the USA chart.


His Venus and Saturn conjunct USA Mercury, just right for the owner of the Miss USA beauty (Venus—beauties; Saturn—commercialization, dehumanization) pageant. The link is tight to the USA Mercury, but the necessary additional test is whether the Rahu conjunction and, most important, the Moon exchange get constellated.

Trump’s chart focuses on Venus, as there are six houses occupied by weekday planets—a Venus sky yoga called Damini. Venus afflicted gives a thirst for glamor, while Saturn makes it go tawdry. More than glamor and lust, Trump’s Venus is about power: his presumed prerogative for dominance comes from the planets ruled by Venus: Lagna Lord Sun with Rahu on the boss’s chair of the 10th house. This Lagna Lord Sun disposes Mars rising, in Leo, the sign for a bully. These planets reverberate in the heart of America, running through Trump’s Venus to activate USA Mercury governing the press, and big money.
The question is whether these planets establish the complete Mercury-Rahu-Moon signature in longitude or in the declinations. Venus does bring Trump’s Rahu to USA Mercury since it is the Rahu dispositor for Trump and is so close on USA Mercury. But where are any connections between Trump and the USA Moon in Aquarius, which has the exchange with Mercury in Cancer?

Nowhere, is the short answer; in the Moon is the nexus of the Trump horoscope’s problems. The candidate’s prominent Mars in Leo in Lagna opposes the USA Moon within two degrees. Moon is harmed by Mars, and Mars is disturbed when opposing Moon. Mars is the badhak lord for Leo ascendant, meaning the ruler of the house of obstacles and blindness. Trump’s often offensive outbursts illustrate Mars at work. Trump’s Mercury is Out of Bounds at 25:09 North declination. The Out of Bounds Mercury, second lord governing speech, also helps explain the bombast that keeps the public and media busy scratching heads and scratching notes.

Trump’s own Moon debilitated in Mars-ruled Scorpio is joined to the South Node, Ketu, showing mistakes and bankruptcies, mental strain and turmoil. This Moon faces transits by Mars in mid-September and by Saturn beyond the election date. Saturn is at the center of the Sade Sati or seven year transit of natal Moon by Saturn. The extreme fame this move has brought on is accounted for by it being a Full Moon on the Arudha Lagna, a signature for celebrities, plus it is opposite the Lagna Lord and Atma karaka Sun, bringing much more notoriety, and the fullness is magnified by being on the Rahu-Ketu axis to rise to the level of the spectacular. Trump is a Lunar Eclipse child, bringing whatever he touches to an attitude that the Moon, normally the arbiter of compassion, caring and modesty, is dispensible.

Since a true match between Trump and the USA classic signature is failing, how can an impostor make such a huge splash? The answer can be seen in the declinations as well as longitudes. Trump has Sun, Moon, and Venus all matching USA declinations other than the Mercury-Moon pair. USA has Sun in exact parallel to Trump’s Venus, showing that Trump gets in as the presidential candidate. USA has four grahas at very high declination, on the edge of the tilt-line—Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Venus–and Trump has three, Sun, Moon and Venus, all parallel USA planets. Thus he looms huge in the national consciousness, and with his Mercury in Gemini conjunct USA Jupiter he knows exactly how to exploit his presence. But without the true swing, the right note given by Chandra the Moon, the hugeness is bound for deflation. As of his birthday June 14 of this year, Trump moved out of Sun Naisargika dasa into Saturn/Saturn. Since then he’s been sliding in the polls. Saturn in the 12th afflicting the lord of the Sun sign is not a positive factor for winning. As the Sun transits through its debilitation sign leading up to Election Day November 8, Trump’s star may dim, while the prospects for a woman in the race, since women are represented by the debilitated side, must climb.



How about Hillary Clinton? Right on the face of it, Hillary’s chart looks like the USA chart. Like USA, Hillary has Moon in Aquarius—for her the Atma Karaka—and it exchanges with planets in Cancer in the 10th house—for her with Saturn and Mars in her Arudha Lagna, the site of the projected image of Self, the self-branding which is the cachet for politicians. Saturn and Mars in the Arudha Lagna while forming Raj Yogas that bring power and staying ability, at the same time explain the intense dislike that Hillary evokes. She seems pedestrian and dull (Saturn), hawkish and a pawn of corporations (Mars debilitated), but for a discriminating astrologer, there has to be the ability to see around the camouflage. The Arudha, the image of a person, which is constructed by reflection from the Ascendant, is a convincing mirage.

The Arudha aside, the important thing for predicting Hillary Clinton’s chances in the election is to see the lockup with the USA chart, not with the jail her opponents sing about putting her into. The Moon parivartana with Saturn and Mars in Cancer is there for her with the America chart, and the involvement of Rahu. Hillary’s Rahu is in Taurus where it gives longevity. Taurus is the Mulatrikona (planets at work) sign of the Moon just as Aquarius is the Mulatrikona sign of Rahu, so there is a second parivartana for her Moon between Moon and Rahu! Having two Moon exchanges, two expanded repertoires, confers immense strength, endurance, unflappability, and productivity, since the Mulatrikona signs are where planets are in the office getting things done.

What about Mercury? Like USA, Hillary has retrograde Mercury. It is conjoined her Lagna, Venus and Sun which all are conjunct USA Lagna. Her Mercury’s declination equivalents are in Cancer, the nearby one, and the far one is in Scorpio 10th degree. USA has navamsa Moon at 14 Scorpio. Also Hillary’s Mars is parallel USA Mercury, and as we have seen Mars is joined to Saturn in Cancer, close to USA Mercury-Rahu longitude. Hillary’s debilitated Mars at the Midheaven is interesting for a potential Commander in Chief. Debilitated planets do well in powerful Kendras. Mars is joined to Saturn, lord of its exaltation sign, so it has full neechabhanga or cancellation of debility. Not only that, her Mars is exalted in navamsa where it is joined to Rahu. All of this puts her in the Situation Room. The strong Mercury which has the ties to USA is her prominent planet, as she has grahas in only four signs—Kedaara Yoga—and in her navamsa Mercury is the final dispositor of every planet in the chart and sits in the Lagna with Atma Karaka Moon giving the yoga to make a King or Queen. Mercury retrograde is in a same-degree struggle with Saturn and with Rahu, all of which are in the 29th degrees of their signs (Rahu has to be subtracted from 30 degrees) showing chara karaka replacements giving turmoil in the heart chakra that result in unexpected rearrangements of outer circumstances. This locks in Mercury to the Saturn in Cancer exchanging with Moon that so strongly echoes the USA horoscope.

The Mercury retrograde—false starts, communications problems– explains the problematic email server issue dogging her. But retrogrades never give up. In fact all the scandals and missteps opponents have pilloried her over—Benghazi, being a commodity trader, Whitewater investments, suicide of an assistant, her husband’s affairs—have Mercury symbolism. But Venus in its own sign controls Mercury, Venus the firefighter, and so Hillary Clinton just keeps pulling herself up past controversies and coming out unimpeachable.

The bottom line is that the planetary portrait of the USA is etched into Hillary Clinton’s personal horoscope. Her current dasa is Sun/Moon in the Naisargika (Natural) cycle taught by Parasara. This lasts through election day and foretells very successful involvement with people (or nations) having Moon in Aquarius. We’ll see.

Stay tuned for part two of this article with a look at the progressed lifemap.