In a previous post I looked at the connection of the presidential candidates to the USA chart. Now I am going to use a technique from the ancient text called Manusmṛti ( मनुस्मृति) which also is widely practiced by Western tropical astrologers.


This technique, year-for-a-day progression, is a great way to see the state of karma and dharma in a personal chart as a certain time approaches. It often gives dramatic clarity when a bright-line event such as a presidential election is coming up. An astrologer is well-advised to have this technique in her or his arsenal.
To cast a progressed chart, always use the birthplace as the location. Then count the number of years, months and days up until the event of interest. Translate that timing into degrees, minutes, seconds. One year of life is one degree of the sun; one month of life is five minutes of the sun; one day of life is ten seconds of the sun’s motion. Simply add these amounts to the exact natal Sun’s degrees, minutes and seconds to get the progressed chart for a given day.

For the chart of Hillary Clinton, I am using the 8:02 am time. As for everything else in HRC’s life, there is controversy about her true time of birth, but the evidence works both in details from the source notes given at Astrodatabank—see where the 8:02 am time is defended by anecdote and reports dating back almost two decades—and by astro-logic which I here will outline briefly.

From the source notes, which run about 15 paragraphs, I am extracting only those which support 8:02 am (Of course there are numerous conflicting contenders, and that is where astro-logic has to come in. ):

“In an article in “Horoscope” magazine, November 1998, by Frances C. McEvoy: “Mother states in article to ‘Chicago Sun Times’ in 1992 that Hillary was “born in time for breakfast.”
Basil Fearrington relates in January 2001, “A musician friend of mine played in the Democratic fund raiser for Al Gore in Manhattan this past summer. Afterwards he got a chance to talk to Hillary. Knowing my on-going love affair with astrological data (he is a student of mine), he asked Hillary what time she was born. Her exact words were, ” I know it was very close to 8 AM, 4-5 minutes before or after.”
Alice Mason called on January 16, 2003 to report that she had talked to the Clinton Democratic Office in NY and was told by a helpful associate (who wished to remain nameless) that Hillary Clinton was born at a recorded 8:02 AM.”


The most important dividing line on the day of Hillary’s birth is the movement of the Moon from Aquarius to Pisces. That makes an easy demarcation. If she has an Aquarius Moon she has a powerful double exchange between the Moon and Saturn in Cancer as well as between the Moon and Rahu in Taurus. Taurus is the Moon’s Mulatrikona and exaltation sign, while Aquarius is Rahu’s sign, so they have the strongest type of linkage when in each other’s signs. Similarly, Moon rules Cancer and Saturn rules Aquarius, so again a strongest type of linkage providing the basis for Maharaja Yoga, the formation that gives a person ruling power. More on that rare and muscular yoga to follow….
Moon in Pisces, on the other hand, has absolutely no strong aspects except for a weak one-sided trinal aspect from Jupiter. Moreover Moon will be in low degrees throughout the rest of the day and thus will be a karaka, or significator, for low positions in status. Clearly, this woman poised to become the first President of the US has to have an Aquarian Moon, which also is the Moon sign for USA. (The time I use for USA chart is July 4 1776 at 14:06 LMT in Philadelphia, PA.)

Therefore astro-logic tells us Hillary was born before 8:41 am when the Moon shifted. We discard all the contenders for later birthtimes.
We can then look at other claimants for early times, ranging from about 1:30 am to a claim, later withdrawn, for 2:18 am, to the 8 am time. (To save the reader’s time—we could go more exhaustively into each possible Ascendant from Cancer to Scorpio, but why?) 1:30 and 2:18 give a Leo Lagna, while any time from about 5:47 to 8:21 gives a Libra Lagna.

Astro-logic for Libra and against Leo: There are many arguments for Libra over Leo, and I will list just three. First, with Libra Lagna the all-important Moon is in the 5th sign and house. This is the house of political power and the exchange with Saturn in the 10th is a super Maharaja yoga. Moon has the highest degree of all the planets thus showing top status, and its admixture with Saturn on the throne of the 10th house shows the destiny being played out here while also explaining some of the vitriol—Saturn in Cancer—that has shadowed Hillary’s rise to power throughout her career. This is not just temporary or dasa cycle related, it is built into the structure of the horoscope, as befits the bewildering litany of accusation and scandal that has harassed her since she came of age.
In contrast, with a Leo Lagna, Moon is in the 7th house, which characterizes unstable personalities, especially when in a sign exchange with Saturn in the 12th house of losses and grief. Moon no longer can be the Atmakaraka, the planet showing high connections and association with the governing elites, but would be the Matrikaraka, with the exchange into a dusthana then showing someone whose family stability would be subject to falling apart.

Second, with Libra Lagna the chart has a Mahapurusha Yoga*. Venus then dominates the chart as it is in its own sign in a leadership position and is supported by the business-friendly combination of Sun and Mercury. Sun is debilitated which illustrates perfectly the double-edged sword of the marriage that paved her way to prominence. Sun is wonderful for a politician in first house, but debilitated shows a fall, some disgrace, some weakness that has to be overcome. Sun debilitated when supported by its debilitation and exaltation sign lords gives neechabhanga raj yoga, which is the comeback aspect: a planet gets knocked down and then rises even higher than it would have been otherwise. Since Sun is with its debilitation sign lord Venus and aspected by its exaltation sign lord Mars from the 10th house, Sun gets that enviable and amazing power to ride out storm and turmoil and come out in a leadership position. Finally, according to the ancient rishis, debilitated planets show the female side in a spectrum going from maleness to femaleness (no invidious distinction implied, if you can keep the mind neutral here!), and having a debilitated Sun in the rising sign of the first Woman president is perfect planetary language.

(*Mahapurusha Yoga means an advanced soul who is being tested to use the element of the planet to rise above all hindrances. Venus rules the Water element, so Hillary’s test is compassion, likability, and relatability).

In contrast, a Leo Lagna would mean Hillary’s Lagna lord is a weak planet in a weak house, the third house. There would be no Mahapurusha Yoga as that has to be in an angle, one of the four power positions of the horoscope. The Lagna itself would be empty and there would be no recognizable Hillary Clinton brand, likable or not.

Third and last, the 8:02 am time puts Mercury retrograde almost exactly on the Ascendant. Mercury is the bete noir for Hillary, since Mercury rules emails, servers, and the media. It is perfectly characteristic for Mercury retrograde to be almost exactly conjunct Hillary’s Libra ascendant, since Mercury is the final obstacle that looms up to try to prevent her ascension to the throne. The mistakes that were not evilly intentioned but give her detractors sport and exultation are all under this retrograde and therefore mistake-prone planet. The 8:02 time gives a Navamsa ascendant of Gemini. In Gemini is the Atmakaraka Moon along with Mercury retrograde. To have the Atmakaraka in the ascendant is a sign of leadership. To have Mercury in its own sign gives tremendous intelligence, competence and capacity for learning. The problem is simply the retrograde, which makes the person wobble and take missteps where this planet’s significations occur. Retrograde planets give tests, re-tests, and yet a third time re-tests, to see if the person will buckle in their area.

For a Leo Lagna, Mercury is in the third house which in political charts refers to the out-of-power challengers. Since Hillary’s Democrats are the party in power, the placement of Mercury and the issues it brings up in the challenging party’s house makes no sense.


Now we will look at the progressed charts for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for election day, November 8 2016. (Their natal charts were shown in the previous post). Progressions do not have to be timed to the minute as they have a larger time scale. It is simply enough to focus on the fact that the election results should be known by the later evening of November 8, in the nation’s capital. And as always, both charts are set for the native’s birthplace.

Donald Trump, born 10:54 am June 14 1946 in Jamaica, New York, has a natal Sun at 29:50:10 Taurus, or 59 degrees 50 minutes 10 seconds. On Election Day 2016 his age will be 70 years 4 months and 17 days. To the Sun degree we add 70 degrees, 22 minutes and 50 seconds. We cast the chart for the time in the year of his birth when the Sun reaches 130:13:00 which is Leo 10:13:00. This happens on August 27, 1946 at 1:19:35, and here is the chart:





The Progressed Sun has come into Leo and is just past the natal Ascendant ( 7 Leo). This passage of Sun over the Ascendant during the past three years explains the presidential aspirations and astonishing domination by Donald Trump of the national conversation, since Sun is his Atmakaraka carrying soul force and landing at the point of maximum fame, the Ascendant. However, the passage while still full of the glory has begun separating. Emphasizing a final cutoff is the progressed Moon, which joined Sun exactly at the Republican National Convention, when a progressed New Moon on natal Ascendant crowned him as the Republican nominee. By Election Day the Moon and Sun have slipped into the third house of outlaws, opponents, and political opposition. They are hemmed in between Saturn behind and Mars ahead. Moon is in the nakshatra Purva Phalguni ruled by Venus at its weakest, and afflicted by Saturn, Mars and Rahu, showing that lack of female support opens a trap door. Where does the very dark and combusted Moon have to go to find support? In the navamsa, the chart which shows the luck of fortune, the Moon rules the 8th house of losses, Cancer, and the Sun seeming so powerful in the outer chart is trapped there in the emotional sign that makes the Sun barely able to function. Sun and Moon rule each other’s signs dragging any spark of life into the well of the 8th house. One other point of astrological interest is that the very day the Hollywood Access tape that expanded the misogyny scandal surfaced is the day the progressed Moon in declination crossed its great afflictor natal Mars.

Lastly, the Ascendant ruler of the progressed chart, Mercury at 24 Cancer, is also hemmed in between malefics and in the navamsa is exactly joined to Ketu, which is a yoga for broken bones. Ketu the headless node tries to strangle the playful Mercury and stop its noise. Cancer is the natal chart’s 12th house of loss and finality. Thus from the entire tripod of Sun, Moon, and Ascendant there is nothing to hang a flag of victory upon. These are the key factors to understand a chart….

Here is the Hillary Clinton progression: Hillary’s natal Sun on October 26, 1947 is at Libra 9:11:57, or 189:11:57. (Note: another benefit of day for a year progressions is that the Sun degree will not be too far off from this even if the birthtime is a few hours earlier or later). Her age on Election Day will be 69 years, 0 months, 13 days, which means we have to add 69 degrees, two minutes and ten seconds to the solar natal degree. This gives a Sun of 258:14:07 of Sagittarius 18:14:07 which comes on January 2, 1948 at 14:09:02 in Park Ridge, Il, and here is the chart:




It is a quieter chart than Trump’s progression, but strong signs are there to be seen. Looking at the tripod of Sun, Moon, Ascendant, first we see Sun has progressed to join its sign in natal navamsa, a kind of culmination of fortune. We can expect this to be good fortune because in the declinations Sun and Jupiter are quickly approaching an exact parallel whose degree equivalent (see previous post) is right on Jupiter, planet of victory.

The progressed Moon on Election Day is at 10 Virgo in the 10th from its sign lord Mercury, which is where Mercury goes to work. Finally she can start a whole new batch of emails with the proper server! Moon is the co-lord of the rising Taurus and gone into the fifth house of political power, while in navamsa it occupies the Ascendant in Aries the sign of the ruler. The transit Moon on Election Day is in her and the USA’s natal sign of Aquarius, which makes a strong linkage with the progressed Atmakaraka Saturn in Cancer, Moon’s sign.

Looking at the progressed Ascendant, we find that Taurus the sign of her natal Rahu is rising. We have noted the exchange in the natal chart between Rahu and Atmakaraka Moon. The two lords of Taurus, Venus and Moon, occupy the trines from Ascendant, opening a road ahead. Moon is in the 10th from the Sun. Venus puts its passion into the 5th from itself, here being the Ascendant. Venus, the natal Ascendant Lord as well, has progressed to an exact angle from natal Sun, placing Sun so that it is at exactly ten signs above Venus, the place for Sun of power and directional strength.

The rules make the prediction for us…. but we can never be too careful, so let’s progress forward to Inauguration Day, January 20 2017, to check again if it will be the Clinton side with hand on the Bible. Now at age 69 years, 2 months and 26 days, Hillary’s progressed Sun rolls forward to 258:26:17, or Sagittarius 18:26:17, producing this chart at Jan. 2 1948, at 18:55:22:



This chart has Saturn rising, but here Saturn is redeemed from its dark side by being the Atmakaraka, highest degree planet, always showing the soul challenge and aspiration in a chart and so never negative even when it is a malefic. It shows the taking on of huge responsibility, as the 7th lord in the first, with beneficial aspects from Venus and Jupiter. Jupiter is in the fifth house of political power, and is lord of the 6th, house of enemies, who have gone to their own 12th house of defeat.

Saturn’s sign Capricorn is the navamsa Ascendant, which is good for the Atmakaraka, and Jupiter and Saturn exchange signs showing a positive transformation which eventually brings the debilitated navamsa Jupiter, (female, weak) into excellent potential as it is in an angle from its exaltation lord and in exchange with its debilitation lord, showing growth and transformation. Venus is in the main chart in the 7th house of expansion and increase, while the Ascendant Lord Moon is in Hasta nakshatra, ruled by the Sun god having to do with the exercise of power. Add to this the transits on the actual day of inauguration, which I will not show, but just mention that the Moon is on Hillary’s natal Ascendant at 15 Libra, giving a hug to her natal Sun, and reaching its own home base of Aquarius in the navamsa signs. QED…