Donald Trump will not be the Republican nominee…… a glance at a wise predicting resource of Vedic astrology strongly suggests this.
On the night of the Republican nominee selection, next July 21, 2016, the transiting planets in Trump’s horoscope deny a coronation.

The quick way to see this is using the magical grid called the “Sarvatobhadra Chakra” (SBC), or the “Design of all Fortunes,” one of the great tools of Vedic astrology. Complex as it seems, the mandala lays out a kind of “Glass Bead Game” look at the sky; it’s a grid impacting anyone’s horoscope at any given time. When you learn where the key inflection points lie, you can see whether adversity or success is coming up for someone’s horoscope. One of the key factors in showing the outcomes is the speed at which planets move. Planets’ speeds are always shifting, and so shifts happen in the good and bad fortunes they bestow.

For a victory in an all-encompassing struggle in politics, the nakshatra, or lunar house, called the “Coronation” nakshatra, the place showing supreme successes, must be blessed with good transits. We have to check each candidate’s grid to compare his eventual success and make a strong prediction. For today, we take a look at Donald Trump.

This is the grid for Donald Trump on July 21, 2016, the crowning night at the Republican Convention:
On the left is the SBC diagram; on the right are the charts for Donald Trump natally and for the Republican Convention. In the next chart, we add shading to show what to focus on.


Donald Trump SBC large








The boxes shaded in aqua are the natal nakshatras for Mr. Trump. The boxes shaded in yellow are the transits for the final night of the Republican Convention. Marked in green, see the nakshatra occupied by Moon in The Donald’s chart. This is Jyestha (Jye), a nakshatra connoting someone in a senior and advisory position. The downside of this lunar house is a tone of arrogance about one’s superior knowledge. This box is labeled “Birth”, or the birth star, for here is where Moon resides, signifying the native as a social being. Mr. Trump has Moon conjoined with Ketu, the Dragon’s Tail, in his birth star. Ketu can show one prone to mistakes.


Donald Trump SBC shaded









The box preceding the birth star, marked in red, is labeled “Coronation,” for here is where the insignia of success must show up when the time of scoring a big win arrives. This nakshatra is Anuradha (Anr), a lunar house connoting dedication and devotion. Mr. Trump has many devoted followers who would like to see him crowned as the nominee, and he himself has worked hard for his position. This nakshatra holds the AL in Mr. Trump’s chart; AL means the Arudha Lagna or public image. The Arudha is most important for politicians; its presence in the Coronation nakshatra natally explains why Trump’s theme of being a winner is so insistent. His unvarying self-proclamation about victory past, victory present, victory future, goes with having the AL in his success nakshatra.

By the time of the Republican convention, there will be planetary transits which we may find in the yellow shaded outer boxes. At Convention time, Saturn will be sitting in Anuradha, and it will be retrograde. A retrograde malefic in the Coronation nakshatra means: no way.

When did the Trump train start gathering steam? Back in late August 2015, as Saturn was moving through Anuradha, his triumphal nakshatra, Saturn got up to a fast speed. When malefic planets move at fast speed their hurtful effect diminishes, as when moving a part quickly temporarily takes away the pain of an injury. Saturn sped faster and faster, reaching top velocity on Nov 29, 2015. Saturn had surged ahead into Donald Trump’s birth nakshatra, Jyestha, as the populace cheered on Mr. Trump’s arrogant bravado. Trump’s candidacy started appearing to be inevitable. But wait! Might the planet powering this change its speed? Yes, a reversion to reality approaches, as Saturn’s trajectory slows and comes back within normal range on Feb. 29. Saturn stations March 24, and sometime within that window, reality must bite.

Retrograde planets, as Saturn then will be, deliver surprisingly opposite results from what they promised earlier when they were direct. By the time the chastened pain-giver Saturn falls back from Trump’s birth star, retrograding into the Coronation star of Anuradha, around July 8, the Trump juggernaut will be a memory. Trump the candidate likely will trip before the Saturn station on March 24 but if not, Trump taking a dump may be expected shortly after the Saturn station. Who will replace him? Check the Coronation nakshatras of other candidates to know…..stay tuned.