Jeb Bush’s Current Year, part one

Politics / Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

Jeb Bush

–Jeb Bush; drawing by James Ferguson from New York Review of Books March 19, 2015

Jeb Bush






The fifth house is the natural Leo house and is the place where royal power resides. The fifth house represents the King or President. The fifth house from any special Ascendant in a chart represents power from that Ascendant. For example, the Varnada Lagna (VL) represents career success in a chart, and the fifth from the VL shows how much influence or power arise from career. The Ghatika Lagna (GL) represents mastery over human resources, and the fifth from GL represents how sturdy a throne the native may sit upon and how weighty it may be in bending others to the native’s will. Finally, the Arudha Lagna (AL), that is the projection of a self-image, must have strong support from its own fifth house and from the fifth from the main Lagna. For politicians the AL is all-important since it determines how the public views him or her.

Geo H W Bush cartoon

Geo H W Bush







To become President, a person must have a horoscope in which the four Ascendants that play into power are very well integrated and highly favorable. In President George H W Bush’s chart, see how the four Ascendants are strong and tightly intertwined. The VL in Gemini in the 10th house has Venus in it; Venus rules the 5th from Gemini. This is perfect for a dominating career. Next, the GL is in the natural 5th house and its own 5th is Taurus ruled by Venus in the VL. The synergy between Taurus and Gemini is the closest possible because their rulers exchange signs. The AL is right there with the GL in the 5th, donating huge executive power to the chart. Last, the 5th from regular Lagna is ruled by Saturn which sits in the 5th from the VL. And the regular Lagna lord Mercury is in 5th from AL and GL. Head-spinning confluence!

Geo W Bush cartoon

Geo W Bush







In President George W Bush’s chart, some of the same symbiosis is found, though not nearly as well integrated. And by the way, it is no accident that the 5th house in jyotish governs both children and political power. Lineage and succession, the ancient echoes of the theory of the divine right of kings, all derive from the place of pure solar energy, the natural sign of Leo the giver of light, the ultimate utility.
For Bush 43, the VL 5th, Aries, is ruled by Mars in the 9th from VL. The 5th house is the house of the Son archetype and the 9th house is the place of the Father archetype. Bush 43’s career sprang from his father’s power. Like his father, he also has both GL and AL in the 5th from the regular Lagna, and their 5th lord is Jupiter joined to the Lagna Lord Moon. Mars rules the 5th from both VL and regular Lagna; the emphasis on starting a war, any war, once in power, can be seen as a substantiation of the right of Kings.

Bring in the brother Jeb.

Jeb Bush





In Jeb Bush’s chart, the VL (career giver) is in the sign of Leo, so being a governor is a natural. The 5th from it is ruled by Jupiter, and Jupiter is in the 9th from the VL (same relationship as for George 43—again, career power from the father). However, the VL is in the 12th from regular Lagna and Jupiter is in the 8th—both 8 and 12 are dusthanas, difficult places, houses that can frustrate raja yoga, or the rise to success.

What about the GL, his karma to wield power over others? It is in Scorpio, and the lord Mars is in the 5th from it, showing a driving force toward control. There Mars is boosted by exalted Venus, adding rajasic passion. And it is in an exchange with Jupiter the lord of 5th from VL, so strong synergy although there are cracks and issues. Jupiter in the 8th house from regular Lagna lacks wisdom. Mars is unhappy in the 7th from regular Lagna. It can cause marital blow-ups, and can cause overreaching because of good intentions, as when Governor Bush took extreme measures trying to overrule the Florida judiciary which had ordered the feeding tube of Terri Schiavo removed.

From regular Lagna there is a big emphasis on the 5th house as well. Sun Moon and Rahu form a heavy yoga of the 12th lord, the 6th lord and the 11th lord, none of them beneficial house lords, but still able to push for success because they are situated in the house of royal power.
Overall, it’s a picture of a passionate, powerful, purposeful and possibly confused politician. The exchange between Mars and Jupiter is called a Dainya exchange; things tend to slide off the sides of the road into unknown neighborhoods with such a link between an angle and a dusthana.

In Part 2 we will see whether this year’s solar return shows him as able to hold on as the frontrunner for the GOP nomination.

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