“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings.”
Julius Caesar, Act I, scene 2, 140-141

This is a multi-applicable quote from the master Shakespeare. Let’s start with the astrologer.
My predictions have been wrong through the last few posts. First I said Trump would not be the Republican nominee, then in two more posts I expanded on why Hillary Clinton should win the presidency.

Kind friends have commented that the charts must have been misleading because the race was so close and after all Clinton won the popular vote, plus there was an ambush by the FBI in the last week that shook some of the support for her that should have been there.

But I can’t excuse my mistakes by putting them on ambiguous or weak charts, or worse, opening the door to doubting the basic reality that astrology is a language for truth. I can’t shave the basically black and white facts.

The fault, dear reader, is not in the horoscopes, but in the readings, that astrologers get it wrong.
I can support that by taking a hindsight look at the progressed charts which I used in my last prediction and showing just how they did clearly show what I would not see.

Graha is a key term in vedic astrology which is the word used for what in the west we call planets. Graha means more than simply an astronomical body, or even a wanderer, as the western etymology for planet has it. The deeper meaning for graha is “eclipser”. Grahas eclipse the mind body and soul of the living being. As we experience the grahas, they change us. They shape our psyches. From this arises the “astrologer’s fallacy,” which is common to all types of predictive activity. It can be called the “desirability bias”, or referred to by other terms that researchers use to study why judgements go wrong. Some of these finer definitions are overconfidence, illusion of control, overprecision, overestimation, or as a more vernacular term, recklessness. In common terms it is referred to as wearing rose-colored glasses, and its contrary, wearing glasses tinted with the smoke of fear.

When we try to predict issues which have big consequences or in which we feel we have a large stake, these psychological biases and this eclipsing by the grahana becomes a major factor. Add to this the fact that the rules of Vedic astrology are intricate and extensive, and the room for emotionally colored interpretation is huge and tempting. Along with many other astrologers* and pollsters I have been wafted by a subjective breeze for a long time, and I want to land softly from it!

*Not my jyotish guru Sanjay Rath, however, who predicted a Trump win in classes.

So let’s take another look at the charts that I should have read with glasses off. Here is the chart for Hillary Clinton progressed to Election Day.




I started with a classic good approach: look at the tripod of Sun, Moon, and Lagna (Ascendant). But then, I overlooked THE OBVIOUS. Sun (crucial as significator of the office of the president) is in the 8th house of loss. Instead I looked at how the Sun was progressing into the navamsa sign of her natal Sun. No, that is not meaning she wins; it is meaning the issue is coming to culmination, but the outer indication of loss is the reality we get.

Moon (the graha giving mental well-being) is in the 5th house of political power, but it is getting a blocking aspect from Saturn retrograde and is hemmed in between Mars and Ketu. Not only that but it is in the natal 12th house of loss and exile. Instead I interpreted that because it was in the 10th from Mercury (where we work) it meant new work. I missed that the new work would be writing thank you letters to her supporters, since Mercury is in the 8th house of loss.

Finally, the Lagna is in Taurus, her natal 8th house, again the house of loss. Its co-lord Venus is in the 9th house which for a fixed sign is a badhaka house or house of obstacles where the power is lacking and the confidence in leadership is gone. In the navamsa Venus is smashed in the Rahu Ketu axis and is situated in the navamsa 3rd house where karmic battles go on.

Lastly, Jupiter the significator of victories, is in the 7th house where it is opposing its natural position of strength in the Lagna. And in navamsa it is debilitated.

All these are quite basic realizations for the Vedic astrologer. But as an ardent Hillary supporter I chose to read them differently.

Next, Trump’s Election Day progression:


Starting with Sun: (this itself was glaringly obvious) His progressed Sun is on natal Ascendant ! and joined Moon in a progressed New Moon that had been exact at the Republican convention. That is a yuuge indication of something new and earthshaking. Sun is in its own sign meaning it has the strength of the tattvas or elements in it fully. It is full of agni, fire. I interpreted that this amazing phenomenon only accounted for getting the nomination and the Sun and Moon had been starting to move apart and so slacking off since then—pure wishful thinking as time takes its own time for things to ripen and manifest. What started last July will take months and years to play out…

Because the conjunction is in the 3rd house which shows the opposition party in an Election I said that was weak; how wrong, since Sun in its own sign makes the opposition party undefeatable. I found reasons in the navamsa to undercut this, but this is a matter of putting the preceding karmas and just deserts over the manifested outcome—the manifestation happens anyway.

For the Ascendant in Gemini, this is his natal 11th house of wishes attained. That Mercury the lord is with Saturn and has all the problems I originally noted in the context of the progressed Sun on Lagna should signify rather his limited knowledge and Saturnine way of thinking that we are now going to have to work with as the citizens under this new regime we have chosen. Mercury as dispositor of debilitated Venus and Mars in Virgo is going to show how he puts his new powers to work.

We have to be brave, and keep our sight clear.

Which leads to the second meaning for the Shakespeare quotation: The fault will be in ourselves, not in the stars, if we do not work to prevent the free play of a dictator happening on us, as Cassius wanted to persuade Brutus not to let Caesar

“…bestride the narrow world
Like a colossus, and we petty men
Walk under his huge legs, and peep about
To find ourselves dishonorable graves.
Men at some time are masters of their fates;
The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
But in ourselves, that we are underlings.”
Julius Caesar, Act 1, scene 2, 135-141