Jeb Bush, Part Two

Current Thoughts, Politics / Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

This post is the sequel to a view of Jeb Bush in the family context.  See Part One here.

Getting down to the brass tacks of predicting Jeb Bush’s survival into the Republican Presidential Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, July 18 through 21, 2016, we will survey two great jyotish tools: the Varshaphal or Solar Return, and the Sarvatobhadra Chakra, a kind of glass bead game of the cosmos that observes the circle of the nakshatras to see transits interacting with the natal chart.

The Solar Return/Varshaphal:

The year to look at for both the Nomination and the Presidential election is when Jeb Bush will have turned 63 in Feb 2016. Using the classical method, we have to add the solar constant or Dhruvanka to Jeb Bush’s birth time.

He was born on a Wednesday at 20 hours 50 minutes 0 seconds.

For the 63rd completed year the Dhruvanka to add is 0 days 21 hours 28 minutes 2 seconds. The total is 4 days (Thursday) 21 hours 28 minutes 2 seconds. We have to find the Thursday at said time in 2016 closest to the day of the exact solar return.


Jeb Bush VP 2016








The progressed Ascendant or Muntha for 2016 is in Sagittarius, the 4th house of the Varshaphal [“illness, worries, disgrace”]. Its lord Jupiter is not well placed in the 12th house [“loss of wealth and status, excessive travel.”]. The Lord of the Year is Mercury, the Lagna Lord placed in an optimal position in the 5th house, where it shows “The Prince” in the house of political power. Mercury is conjunct Bush’s natal Moon, which promotes huge fame. The chart has several strong protective factors: The Moon sign lord Jupiter is a potentially dangerous badhak (obstacle maker) lord but any harm it might foster is hamstrung by the badhak lord going to the prison of the 12th house—bad guy in jail. The Arudha Lagna representing Bush’s image is well placed in the 9th, with the Sun and Mercury promising to defend the image, come what may, in the 9th from the AL itself. There is another Arudha Lagna projected from the co-lord of Virgo—this is Rahu and its image/shadow falls in the 11th house of Cancer. This second AL also is protected by having Moon itself in 9th from Cancer.
So overall, this may bode well for some excellent advances, such as securing the Republican Presidential nomination.

However, to balance the overall judgement, both Mercury and the Sun it is joined with have low shadbala, or power to accomplish their goals. The givers of power, the 5th lords from various Special Ascendants mentioned in Part One, are not impressive. From the career Special Ascendant, VL, Varnada Lagna, the 5th lord Jupiter is in VL itself, good, but it is in the 12th of loss from regular Lagna. From the GL, Ghatika Lagna showing power over people, the 5th lord is Mars, the Matri Karaka—family—in the 2nd house from regular Lagna ruling the family and kinship circle, a neutral placement showing the source of his power. From the AL in Taurus the 5th lord is Mercury and this has the best power. From regular Lagna Mercury again is best as Lagna Lord in the 5th house.
At the nakshatra chakra level Mercury is somewhat hobbled: it is in the star of Sun, Uttar Ashada and Sun is under separative influences: it is 12th lord and Rahu dispositor, aspected by Saturn.

Dasa: to distinguish the key dates of the Nominating convention and the Presidential election, we can use the Balarama dasa, a nakshatra based cycle study for the Varshaphal. In the days just before the convention Jeb Bush will be running Moon dasa. Moon sits in the door to the world, the 7th house, and is majorly publicity promoting. During the Convention, July 18 through 21, the running dasa is Mars. In the Navamsa, Mars is in Taurus in an exchange with Moon in Scorpio, as Moon is co-ruler of Taurus, its exaltation and mulatrikona sign. Moon is in the 9th house of good fortune, so this should be a triumphant point of the year for Jeb.
The particular nakshatra, since Balarama is a nakshatra-based dasa, is Swati. Rahu, lord of Swati, has excellent placement in the Navamsa conjunct the “dwi-gurus”  (teachers of the Brahmins and of the street people)  Jupiter and Venus together in the 10th. Although debilitated in Sagittarius Navamsa, Rahu attains breakage of its own lowness because of its enthusiastic and benevolent companions.

November 8 is Election Day in 2016. Jeb Bush’s Balarama dasa will be Jupiter and the nakshatra will be Satabisaj. From Moon showing the social impact of this time, Jup the dasa lord is in the 14th nakshatra, a destiny nakshatra that has been characterized by Sanjay Rath as an emotional place where the flaws of your own creation, of your genetic makeup, throw you off. Jupiter as mentioned is in the 12th house of the Solar Return chart along with Rahu, the lord of Satabisaj, an enemy to Jupiter, so with all that adversity in the 12th it is hard to predict victory for the Republican.

In the Sarvatobhadra Chakra:

Jeb Bush SBC








Here we have Jeb Bush’s circle of nakshatras (second square inward from the perimeter) surrounded on the outer square by the transiting nakshatras late on Election Day. For a politician the Abhisheka nakshatra, showing coronation, is all-important. This is the nakshatra immediately preceding the nakshatra of natal Moon. The nakshatra that is last in the entire circuit starting from one’s Moon shows the crowning of one’s long-suffering efforts with a crown of diamond or of tin. For Jeb Bush this nakshatra is Purva Ashada, which will receive an excellent front vedha (ray, like an aspect) from Jupiter’s transit on Election Day. However, there are several negative offsets. Saturn and Sun will be giving Special Vedhas in the SBC onto Jeb Bush’s Abhisheka nakshatra. Mars will be conjoining and afflicting natal Moon. And since natal Moon is conjunct Varshaphal Year Lord Mercury, the same transit will give a painful blow to the year’s prospects……..

One never likes delivering gloomy predictions. The planets that seem to be dancing in the direction we interpret are also living energies susceptible to good changes and improvements. For this the art and science of Jyotish suggests practical remedies to make the planets perform their best. For this annual chart, a remedy would include ways to strengthen Mercury. Mantras and gemstones for Mercury can help, and practical work with the things the planet rules: better communications, pushing forward more care for environmental issues, which Mercury also has a great interest in, and sharing wealth with the middle classes, if such things could be really done, would improve the year’s events for Jeb Bush and his team.

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