Hillary Clinton

What makes the chart of Hillary Clinton so special is the parivartana, or mutual exchange of signs, between the Moon in her 5th house and Saturn in her 10th house. Moon, having higher degrees than any other planet, is the monarch of her horoscope, called the Atma Karaka. For any chart the Atma Karaka (AK) is the essence of self and soul, its link to higher power. Hillary’s Moon has that power in the 5th house of the natural Leo, the sign of a political leader. Her Moon also is with the GL, the Ghatika Lagna, a Special Ascendant showing what kind of support a person gains from others. The sign of the AK, Aquarius, is ruled by Saturn, in the sign of Cancer, ruled by Moon. So these signs, the strongest houses, 5 and 10, are tightly bound together and there is a flexibility to be able to move in and out of situations demanding strength.

Among the chara karakas, the archetypal significators of different levels of human functioning, Saturn is the Matri Karaka (MK), significator of mother, native land, and family. Saturn is in Cancer in the 10th house, a special configuration that gives what is called “Throne Yoga”, for Saturn in the sign of family seeks to establish an enduring lineage or dynasty. This is seen in the charts of numerous world leaders. Hillary Clinton’s Throne Yoga is very interesting in that it is accompanied by debilitated Mars, and is in a square or kendra to another debilitated planet, Sun in the Lagna. Debilitated planets at first glance normally betoken weakness, but there is a deeper meaning to the spectrum of debilitation and exaltation. This is the spectrum of gender, and in it maleness is shown by exalted planets and femaleness by debilitated planets, not as a contrast of strength and weakness but as a contrast between surrender and sensitivity on the debilitated side and compartmentalization and force on the exalted side. Hillary’s chart emphasizes the role of gender in public life, as befits someone who not only has been a First Lady but seeks to become a First Woman President. This in a society whose pundits make remarks such as those by conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh, commenting on a photo of Hillary looking fatigued, “Will this country want to actually watch a woman get older before their eyes on a daily basis?”

Simply battling sexism seems like not so much for someone who has such a long and complicated political history in which she and/or her spouse have been investigated, castigated, grilled, impeached, roasted for half a lifetime. This can be seen in the hard nature of the planets in her 10th house of career activity, Saturn and Mars, which come into play whenver her soft Moon essence is activated. Also, the Moon has yet a second exchange of sorts. Rahu, the Dragon’s Head, is in the sign of Taurus, which the Moon is co-ruler of because Taurus is where Moon is exalted and also is the sign where it does its best work, its office so to speak, called the Mulatrikona sign for Moon. At the same time, Moon is in Aquarius, and Rahu is the co-lord of Aquarius. So Moon and Rahu deeply cooperate and can be said to be in a powerful yoga. Rahu is among the karakas the Amatya Karaka (AmK). The AmK shows the professional field for a person. Rahu as the AmK or linked to the AmK is normally required for the chart of a politician.

The faceoff between Atma Karaka Moon and the grim visage of Saturn in the 10th explains the ambiguous reception Hillary Clinton has gotten over the years of her career. The Arudha Lagna is a projection of the self-image found by measuring the reflection from the Ascendant to its Lord. This Arudha Lagna is all-important in the chart of a public figure. Hillary’s AL falls in Cancer in the 10th house. Thus it is completely subject to the seesaw pairing of Moon with Saturn. You like her, you hate her. You see her as calculating and deceptive—Saturn in Cancer– or you feel her soul-level devotion coming from the highest concept of what can bring cultural unity and benefits—the gift of Aquarius.

A final bit of overall chart analysis is to see that Hillary’s house containing the Rahu is mirroring the Ascendant sign Libra. Looking at the South Indian chart we see that Taurus, the 8th sign, is straight across from Libra, the first sign. This direct comprehension between two signs fully seeing each other is called the adarsya dristi, or “same-sightedness,” where one realm fully shares another realm’s view, and so they can work simultaneously for the same purpose. Thus Hillary can find cooperative support that matters. Her Ascendant is very strong with three planets including Venus in its own sign, Libra, the sign that seeks social justice. Next to Venus are Sun that shines in the Lagna, and also Mercury retrograde, a planet that does great in the Lagna but because retrograde can sometimes be tripped up, as over emails and other forms of snarled communications.

Is the time of destiny at hand? The astrologer should know as well as anyone that we can never discount acts of God or pretend to have the entire cosmic view, but we stick our neHillary Clinton dasascks out to make forecasts as that is our job. To call the future we check her dasas, and here we can see the Vimsottari planetary cycle as well as the Narayan sign cycle.

In Vimsottari Dasa Hillary Clinton is in the dasa of Sun-Mars from now until next May, and into the election she will be running Sun-Rahu. How does that bode? Sun is the significator of the Presidency in her rising sign. Sun is lord of the 11th house of achievement of goals. Sun is joined to the Lagna Lord Venus. At the subtle level of the nakshatras, which tie in to the etheric levels on which destiny is decided, Sun is in a nakshatra exchange with Rahu, and Rahu is in the Atimitra Tara, meaning the 9th star from the Moon, said to give a person their “crowning glory,” whatever form that may take for the individual.

At the antardasa level, Rahu itself is in “ayush exaltation” meaning it is granting longevity and auspiciousness. Rahu is looking directly across from Taurus at the very degree of the Ascendant. On Election Day in 2016, Rahu will be transiting in Hillary’s 11th house of victory and Moon will be in Aquarius (!) in a nakshatra ruled by Rahu. The transiting Sun will be on Hillary’s Ascendant and that day transiting Sun will be the Atma Karaka the debilitated one becoming King (Queen, in this case!).

Confirming from the sign dasa, Narayan dasa: Hillary Clinton has been in Leo Narayan dasa since 2010. Leo is the sign for political power and is in the 7th from her Moon, showing the focus of her strongest passion. Leo is in the 11th house of goals and its lord is in Lagna showing success. The antardasa is Scorpio as of Election Day 2016. Scorpio holds the Jupiter, which we have not mentioned till now. Jupiter is the Dara Karaka (DK), the indicator of both spouse and of the dearest-held objective. Jupiter is with Ketu that can show mistakes but since Ketu is in its own sign of Scorpio and well fortified by Jupiter, these mistakes of immaturity are forgotten and forgiven. Scorpio is the tenth sign from Hillary’s Aquarian Moon, and its lord Mars sits in the Throne Yoga with Saturn.

All in all many many promises of success can be found in this chart at this time……………