The German Chancellor has just been named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year, and is the subject of a fascinating recent profile by George Packer in The New Yorker. A study of Angela Merkel’s horoscope brings out the planetary underpinnings of the ascent of the most powerful woman in the world.Angela Merkel horoscope (1)









Angela Merkel on TIME



She was born the eldest daughter of a Lutheran pastor who moved from West Germany to Communist East Germany three weeks after her birth. The Moon of the chart is conjunct the Arudha Lagna (AL), which is the projected reflection of identity. [Count from the Lagna to the Lagna Lord—Ketu is the stronger lord of Scorpio Ascendant–, a count of 8 houses. To get the AL, count from the Lagna Lord the same number to come to Capricorn, which is the AL with Moon also there.]

From the AL the houses tell the tale of mundane circumstances. The 9th from AL shows the father—Virgo is there with its lord being Mercury conjunct Jupiter and Ketu, a spiritual combination in the sattvic dual sign of Gemini, in the 8th house of relocation. According to Packer, Angela’s father’s motives for uprooting the family were careerist as much as idealistic. This is upheld by Mercury being in the navamsa of Aquarius, a cold and practical sign. The AL 4th shows her mother, ruled by Mars with Rahu, and as per Packer, Angela’s mother opposed the move to the East and vainly wrote to the authorities each year asking for a job as an English teacher. She seemed to have been sidelined both by the state and in her marriage, as shown by Mars in a stalemate yoga with Rahu, the Dragon’s Head, and receiving the aspect of Saturn while also opposed by Mercury, Angela’s father; Mars and Mercury feel intense natural enmity as they operate in totally opposite ways, Mercury by piecing and iterating, Mars by executing with straight fire. Luckily Jupiter is there with Mercury to hold everything together. In navamsa Mars is in the peace-loving sign of Taurus, so violence is the last option for the mother and this would be handed down to her daughter Angela.

Little Angela was physically uncoordinated and had to go through intense self-correction with conscious exercise to learn to walk and move fluidly. The navamsa Lagna shows the physical appearance and other physical issues; it is a sign of Saturn, Capricorn, and hemmed in by Saturn and Mercury, showing awkwardness, dysfunction and immaturity. Born on a Saturday, her energies were tuned to the slow planet. As a teenager she graduated to being a member of “ the Club of the Unkissed,” according to a former schoolmate (who almost lost his job over the comment to a newspaper). Capricorn navamsa Lagna and Capricorn rasi Moon show her style—the unglamorous, the ‘“colorless,” and her haircut was impossible—it looked like a pot over her head.”’ Powerfully countering these lacks are the array of planets in Angela’s navamsa 7th house: Angela’s Atmakaraka Moon directly and passionately opposing her navamsa Lagna, in Cancer with Sun and Venus, shows the soul-fueled determination pouring into each step of her climb up the dumpy Capricorn mountain.

The 9th from the sign of Atmakaraka in navamsa shows the Dharma Devata—the driving sense of duty that energizes the native’s purposes. This is Jupiter in its own most intelligent sign of Pisces which naturally takes the broadest view of all factors. But Jupiter is constantly challenged in the 3rd house from navamsa Lagna, where it brings tests of faith because it is far from its natural 9th house ownership. The Church her parents worked for was under surveillance and skepticism throughout her childhood. Her own religious beliefs were deeply private. Angela won prizes for her mastery of Russian, and avoided making waves against the Communist controllers of East Germany, becoming a model participant largely out of opportunism, according to Packer’s piece, in the Free German Youth, “the blue-shirted ‘fighting reserve’ of the ruling party,” and probably because of the cooperation got the opportunity to pursue her graduate studies. But she held off from the secular coming of age ceremony common for East Germans and instead opted for Christian confirmation.

Living in a divided society with spies about everywhere, Merkel and her compatriots learned to conceal their opinions and keep their own counsel. This is a classic Scorpio Lagna quandary. Her rasi Lagna Scorpio, the feminine sign of Mars, has two rulers, one the outward Mars, in her 2nd house, the other Ketu, Mars’s less well-known brother, hidden in her 8th house but more powerful because it is joined to two other planets Jupiter and Mercury. This Ketu is the key to Merkel’s chart, to the anomalies which she represents and the unlikely path to power she has trod.

Mars in the 2nd house of speech, highly repressed by the Rahu and Saturn influences on it, gives her a flat, technocratic, affectless demeanor in conveying important information. But Ketu carries the real life of the Lagna’s intelligence. Ketu is the Dragon’s Tail, in the sign where it is debilitated for fruits, Gemini, conjunct the intellectually brilliant combination of Jupiter and Mercury in its own sign of most nimble thought. A debilitated Dragon’s Tail is like an open black hole invisibly sucking in all the surrounding life. Angela’s academic subject of choice was quantum physics—Jupiter in 3rd house of navamsa inclines to study of the environment, and she gravitated to physical chemistry. Jupiter is the Amatyakaraka (AmK), the planet that aligns the native with a profession and with colleagues. Normally for a politician, the AmK is connected to Rahu, the exploitive planet. Angela’s AmK being the pure Jupiter shows first career steps in the professional world of theory not power, the path of research not business.
Jupiter also shows her passion for the dream of the reunified Germany that was most poignant for those walled off in the East. At age 32 she was allowed to travel to West Germany for a cousin’s wedding. In the annual progressions starting from Sun sign in navamsa, going one navamsa sign per year, this was the place of Pisces with Jupiter in the place of testing. She could have escaped, but she returned. Still in the mind alone, the vision was palpable but unreal. November 9, 1989 was the demise of the Wall. In her dasas this was Venus/Rahu , the moment that marked the looming up of politics into her personal horizon. Enter Rahu, the ruler of politics and of the knowledge of how to dip low on the mat; enter Venus, the sole occupant of the foreground of her rasi chart, the auspicious Matrikaraka promoting the motherland.

Packer comments, “Merkel’s decision to enter politics is the central mystery of an opaque life.” Jyotish illuminates it if we look at the navamsa progression. Sun in early 1990, her 36th year, has progressed to Gemini in navamsa. Carrying this sign into rasi, Gemini is the site of the Lagna Lord Ketu in a rajayoga combination of Lagna Lord with 5th Lord Jupiter. Nothing foreseen, but inevitable and sudden, is the action of Ketu. In navamsa, Ketu is situated in the 10th house from Atmakaraka Moon in the sign of power leadership, Aries. In the 4th house, its action springs from the unconscious and is fated. Merkel showed up at the local office of a new political party supporting the democracy movement and volunteered for whatever; they had her setting up the donated computers (Mercury and Ketu in Gemini—office equipment). Three months later, she was the deputy spokesperson for the first and last democratically elected East German Prime Minister, who asked his office manager to take Merkel clothes shopping.

With reunification, former East German politicos were needed for government positions. Merkel ran for a seat in the Bundestag in October 1990 and won; her former Prime Minister suggested to Chancellor Helmut Kohl that she should be in his cabinet, and amazingly, Chancellor Kohl chose her as minister of women and youth, a job she had no interest in nor experience for. Her dasa was now Venus/Jupiter. Kohl introduced her to foreign VIPs as “Das Madchen”—the [token] girl. Nine years later, one half of a Rahu cycle, Merkel made “a naked bid to supplant” her political father, in Packer’s words, calling him an “old warhorse”, and she succeeded, becoming Party Chairman while Kohl, out in the cold, was left to marvel: ‘”I put the snake [Scorpio!] on my arm.”’

Angela Merkel and Kohl








Her first term as Chancellor began in November 2005 in Sun/Venus utpanna Vimsottari. Sun is the Darakaraka showing the longed-for objective. By navamsa progression the Sun was in the 10th house in Libra with Rahu—a debilitated Sun showing the rise of a female politician, as has been noted may play out in the chart of Hillary Clinton. Now after enjoying years of popular support the biggest political question is will she run again in 2017. Since the progressed Sun again will be at Libra, with Rahu, and in the rasi chart Libra holds exalted Saturn, the lord of her Moon sign, the answer is very likely yes.

(1) Merkel’s time is given a C Rodden rating for 1800 hours; other source notes give 1745: . This chart is rectified by a few minutes.

(2) For dasa I am using a variant of Vimsottari dasa, called Utpanna, calculated from the 5th star from natal Moon, as explained in Pt. Sanjay Rath’s Udu Dasas.