2015 Astro Forecast Equinox to Equinox

Current Thoughts, Yearly Forecast / Saturday, February 28th, 2015

Prognosticating 2015, March through September

2015 ChaitraShuklaPaksh






In Vedic tradition, the chart for the New Moon in Pisces shows the upcoming year’s events. Here we see it for Washington, DC, so this is a USA-centric reading. The year starts out with a bang with a Total Solar Eclipse. The eclipse is visible mostly in the North Sea, flanking Iceland, but away from the main haunts of civilization. Instead, the eclipse shadow in that ocean could foretell climatic challenges for Iceland and northern Europe, and major stress for the seas and ice floes.

Solar Eclipse March 2015






There follows the Total Lunar Eclipse of April 4th which also will be visible in more remote (from US) areas, with its maximum at the 180th parallel West (or, 0 East) and close to the Equator.

The theme for the whole six months from March to September should be found in Jala, the Water Element. The year starts with a grand trine of Ketu the South Node, plus Mars, plus the Lunation in Pisces, to Saturn the chart lord in Scorpio, and to Jupiter in Cancer. Cancer and Pisces are called “Brahmin” signs, meaning they promote teachers, philosophers and creative thinkers. The depth of water, and the feeling-component of consciousness, is greatly enhanced by the presence of both classical outer planets. A keyword could be “stream” with all its associations, like stream of consciousness or streaming on the web.

Jupiter in Cancer is devoted to improving education on all fronts, but Jupiter’s poor position in the 7th house (opposite the Lagna where it has its glory, its directional strength) means that many of the educational initiatives will be misguided. Saturn in Scorpio is depressing the price of oil and pushing economies into deflation and bonds into negative interest rates.

Near the exact midpoint of Saturn and Jupiter forming the grand trine is Ketu, the headless lunar node. Ketu governs various extremes such as moksha or enlightenment and terrorism—although those two are mutually exclusive! Also in Ketu’s purview are infra-red heat, the upper skies and outer space, and sophisticated math and technical achievements. This should be the year of the drone, which is a Ketu phenomenon. Ketu in the spotlight also highlights the barbarism of beheadings which have horrified and sickened the world; Rahu and Ketu were the Asura sliced at the neck at the creation of the lower world through the churning of the cosmic waters. Today there was a report on BBC about a doctor working on how to transplant a head from one spinal cord to another after the donor has been left brain-dead: yet another Ketu concept!

     March 20 2015:

For the year kickoff month of March (March 20 to April 20), planets are bunched in the 3rd house in Pisces. The third house in a chart of the world raises issues around travel and communications, and in politics, it represents the party out of power. The Republicans should be busy and vociferous during March/April with candidates elbowing for position for 2016, grabbing for huge wads of money being thrown at them by Jupiter in the 7th house–representing fat cats, gone to the 7th, and so in a kind of anti-wisdom setup for Jupiter usually so wise.
The Sun and Moon in Uttarabhadrapada (“Upper Part of the Funeral Pyre”) nakshatra promote deep philosophy and research. Since the Sun is eclipsed, religious controversies shall be debated; with Mars and Ketu involved, much more heat than light should be expected. Ketu moves with energy and speed and is highly mistake-prone. Blunders will show up in political alignments and a lot of reshuffling will need to occur. Sun and Moon in a star ruled by Saturn in 9th from the Sun will clamp a lid on idealistic initiatives, and the money motive with Saturn retrograde focusing on its opposite sign Taurus will mean that a scramble for security prevails. Mars-Ketu is a pisaccha yoga, evoking negative energies and ghosts, and so some issue that will hypnotize the public attention with exaggerated fear may arise. The US will be at war in the mid-East, challenged to hold together a unified coalition and confront an elusive enemy. Mars-Ketu in the second nakshatra from the Lunation also brings in the issue of food for the body, specifically chicken, eating which raises the aggression of fighters.
Since this will be the power month out of the first six, the equity markets may possibly reach their pinnacle from the 2009 lows right in this month around April 8-9. In transit, those days will have the Sun Mercury conjunction that often changes trends, and also Jupiter will turn stationary direct, shifting its balance of power with the outer guardian Saturn. Saturn and Jupiter stations close together in time (Saturn—March 15) show a window of massive reorientation for our Earth in many realms. These planets define the profile of a whole generation, so quiet milestones for the Boomers, the Gen Xers, the Millenials and even the Gen Zers shall be caught up with during this double station within a month.

     April 20 2015:

Month 2 from April 20 to May 20 is the fourth house of the chart, occupied by Venus the Putra Karaka. The fans will be engaged this month as various entertainment and media happenings will get some buzz. “Putra Karaka” indicates Children as an archetype, but on a mundane scale this can be audiences, followers, and spectaculars. In Navamsa Venus is conjunct exalted Rahu, so some exciting and showy events are confirmed. Anyone engaged in creative processes will have a key month of learning how to make your projects stable and appealing, for that is the gift of the 6th nakshatra from Lagna.
Relationships also will come into sharp view, and with Venus in the uncomfortable third nakshatra from the Lunation, some flare-ups may trouble domestic happiness. Venus the lord of love will be restless and fiery. If you marry now you may be exchanging not rings but spears. Too much hugging leads to bugging. Once Venus transits into Gemini around May 5 the instability will get worse for a week and then the tears will have been shed and the nest can be re-feathered.

     May 20 2015:

Month 3 from May 20 to June 20 brings in the Summer Solstice with its endless days and no new planets in the fifth house of the chart to trouble the serenity. Things from March and April will be playing out but fewer new events will arise. Sun, Mars and Mercury will transit through Taurus, with Mercury stationing here, and financial activity likely will be negative and heavy in the broad markets. Some strange repercussions from the world-wide opening the gates of liquidity by central banks finally will become apparent. Since the 5th house rules politics and those in the seats of power, next year’s election will be looming larger in the mass mind, and the huge inequalities between the middle tier and top tier will be prominent in the political debate. The debates will drag on and make a few circles with Mercury going backward.

     June 20 2015:

June 20 to July 20 is the 6th house of Gemini for the chart. No planets again, but ruled by Mercury. Mercury is joined to Mars in the Navamsa, which is a yoga signifying lawyers and legalities. It could be that some of the idealism of the Lunation in Uttarabhadrapada feeds into attempts to bring fairness to sentencing laws or undo Guantanamo. But progress might not be large. Mercury is in the 26th nakshatra from the Sun-Moon yoga. This is a lunar mansion of mental assessment, checking off the karmas and since Mercury is weak in Navamsa, a lot of misreading can happen. More trees, less forest. Mercury’s star is ruled by Rahu in the 9th house, while Rahu is in Virgo ruled by Mercury. There is a full exchange of signs, since Rahu is the co-lord of Aquarius. Thus there is a lot of transformation, a major shift affecting 2nd and 9th houses. This could impact financially or in other ways. Mercury tied up with Rahu could also show storms and natural phenomena affecting the coasts of the country, since Mercury rules the earth element and Rahu affects the winds. In transit, Sun-Mars journeying through Gemini, where Sun can have an inflated ego and Mars can exhibit extra irritability, can show some upsetting phenomena, but at least a lovely union of Venus and Jupiter in Cancer will provide some outstanding leadership. Mercury in the 11th from Jupiter shows a contestant making a big comeback.

     July 20 2015:

In July 20 through August 20 we are in the 7th house of the chart with Jupiter. Jupiter in Aslesha nakshatra is in the 11th from the Sun-Moon. There is a persuasion toward marriage for a planet in this star. Aslesha is ruled by the Sarpas and its nakshatra lord is its youthful enemy Mercury, so Jupiter is not particularly comfortable in Aslesha. Although exalted, the Great Protector here is vulnerable to being knocked off his pedestal. The marriage will be to settle, not for true love. As the Navamsa 8th lord and Rasi 12th and 3rd lord, Jupiter could be accident prone. It is in exchange with Moon in Pisces and so in that month of August there should be some sweeping changes in large policies and strategies.

In transit, Jupiter will change signs into Leo about July 17th. This is a huge change in emphasis for the year. It is as if Jupiter is in the bedroom changing clothes for a few days around this ingress. He comes out dressed in a power suit for Leo, whereas he went off in Cancer in a wet suit. And just as in the spring, Saturn’s major change is not too far from Jupiter’s—Saturn turns stationary direct on August 2nd, but still in Scorpio. Once Jupiter moves into Leo, the grand trine is lost. There will be a lesser scope to the themes and thoughts in the collective air; a dynamic of struggle instead of flow and stream.

Another big move is the station of Venus in Leo on July 25th. She goes into her warrior goddess mode during this long backwards movement. As she retraces her steps, the creative accomplishments from the spring will have to be reviewed.

     August 20 2015:

Finally, we move into the Fall Equinox the same way we moved out of the Spring Equinox: with an eclipse pair. September has a Partial Solar Eclipse the 13th visible in southern Africa and Antartica; the Total Lunar Eclipse of September 28 centers on the coast of Brazil. In this month, the 8th house of the Chaitra Sukla Paksh chart is activated and since its lord is the Sun in the 3rd, 8th from the 8th, expect some very deep mysteries to be unraveled or perhaps newly buried. Financially this could be a month of new lows in the markets. There will be a sense of culmination, of things going to their depths.
In transit, Mars and the retrograde Venus will be in Cancer together through all of this month, which can cause a lot of emotional ups and downs. Women should be vigilant against violence with these volatile partners having replaced Jupiter in the original grand trine, and with fanatic Ketu at the apex. Jupiter’s protection will be not so apparent as it moves out of geometric harmony. The half-year ends with Sun at Rahu and Mercury retrograde accompanying. Sun Rahu can be an incendiary mix, so plenty of Shanti practices, prayers and grateful thanks for blessings, are called on to usher us into the fall season.


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