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The Weekly Planets
A contemporary, engaging, comprehensible newsletter about cosmic forces affecting daily events from

A wise and witty review of Vedic astrology for the week. Topical and timely transit reports, relevant to real events, will be constantly updated. Market forecasts, cosmic weather, politics, stars (the human kind), arts are all in focus. More, there will be digestible bits of Jyotish learning, to gradually expand your knowledge. The first 13 issues will cover the body parts of the Kalapurusha, the Cosmic Man, with standout illustrative horoscopes.

And to help YOU cope with the whirling dance, a yoga set or meditation will come with each issue, from the unique personal collection of Sat Siri Khalsa who learned from Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga.


—-the Red Storm on Jupiter, seen close

Now, at the start of the Vedic New Year, ring in the spring with a subscription to The Weekly Planets. As told in the yearly forecast, the next 13 weeks are the key power window of 2015 to set many trends. Throwing light onto your day, your health, your social life, your finances, your job, your weather, your spirit life, The Weekly Planets will make YOU sharper heading into Whatever It Is.


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