FRI, Apr 18, 2014

Market Tales of Tops and Bottoms


It is fascinating to observe the responsiveness of movements on market price graphs to the architecture of astronomy.  Despite the ever-present debate about what causes markets to go up or down and who is to blame and who is to benefit, a market watcher who studies at the level of solar system phenomena –not even […]

Horoscope of the Fourth Guru

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Horoscope of the Fourth Guru GURU RAM DAS Founder of the Sacred City - AMRITSAR  Guru Ram Das is called the “Lord of Miracles”.   His parents lived in a portion of Lahore, modern-day Pakistan, called Chuni Mandi.   They were Anup Devi, later known as Mata Daya Kaur, and Hari Das, son of Thakar Das, who were Kshatriyas—of […]

US Election 2012


Chart vs. Chart – Barack & Mitt Who and Why? Here follows a parsing of both contenders’ charts, and a prediction after the transit chart below. Barack: Current dasa : Sat Moon Sat (note: his Vimsottari dasa is calculated from Ascendant not Moon; Ascendant is the stronger start point having two planets, whereas Moon is […]


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Sat Siri Khalsa Personal Website JSP America P.O. Box 486, Santa Cruz, New Mexico 87567-0486, USA +1 505-753-6521 fb/SatsiriJyotish Sat Siri is a fulltime practitioner of Vedic Astrology and an honors graduate of Harvard University.  Vedic Astrology, or Jyotish, the lore of light, is the ancient cosmology that is at the stem of astronomy, […]

Vedic Astrology Readings


A Vedic astrology reading brings up information about any or all of spirituality, career situation, finances, relationships, and health. Since it is a universal body of knowledge, just about any question can be answered with surprisingly specific detail If you know your birth time I will create your natal chart; otherwise the prasna, or question, […]